Planning a new collection of paintings 2014-2015

My new collection of works has flowed from the previous collection called Destiny and Love.  All of my collections are discerning the ideas and experiences I journey through, so in some way they are all in flow.  I started this new collection last year and I haven’t shared these art works online yet.  I’ve been sharing a few test firings which you can see here and here and experiments, but not many of the final works.



Before I start exploring my new collection of works, it’s important to review my last works, to reflect on the main understandings which lead me to new concepts.

Destiny and Love (2012-2014)

The main understanding which has resulted through the processes of creating these paintings is the unfolding of an understanding of destiny.  Is destiny the result of wanting what you want today, but realising that it takes longer… Continue reading

Why I make art quote

I make art to show my soul I am listening.

Are you listening?

Maybe you can’t hear it clearly, or loudly enough…

But I am listening and feeling everyday…pure bliss.


I can’t find the reference of who wrote this, but I love this quote.

Ingrid Lee porcelain artist Acrylic palette Ingrid Lee


Does this quote inspire you?

Why did I open an Online Art School?

While I usually blog here about my art works and travels, I just wanted to share the story behind one of my other major projects which is the opening of Ingrid Creates Online Arts School.  This project has taken up a lot of my time recently- well since coming back from my overseas tour in May.  Since then I have painted here and there, but in the last two months, I’ve been super busy with this project (among a billion others).

You can read about how Ingrid Creates Online Arts School all started here. In this post I wanted to share with you my pedagogic (teaching and learning) and business philosophy behind setting up the school, which I don’t talk about at the school site.  Essentially I wanted a make an online place to share, inspire, learn and create with other artists, art lovers, hobbyists and… Continue reading

Are these blue anenomes on porcelain too dramatic?

As most of you know, I love lustres, particularly exploring all that is possible with them (I do paint with other onglaze paints too, check here, here and here).    So I decided to push the boundaries of my creativity again with lustres for a new porcelain painting, and I’m asking you what you think?  Are these blue anenomes on porcelain too dramatic? 

Here is my latest experiment this week with lustres.

Splash of Blue, Ingrid Lee. 2014 Lustre on porcelain plate 25.4cm

Splash of Blue, Ingrid Lee. 2014 Lustre on porcelain plate 25.4cm

What did I want to achieve?

Most of my paintings start with light – middle values, but I wanted to create drama in this painting, so I started with dark green lustre and worked from there.  You can see the beautiful rich colours of the dark green below, after the first firing:

First firing of anenomes in lustre on porcelain by Ingrid Lee

First firing of anenomes in lustre on porcelain by… Continue reading

My lustre painting didn’t work out

I started painting this anenome vase a few months ago, it was an experiment for some new techniques, and I finally had time to finish it.  AND my lustre painting didn’t work out- so I’ll do another one soon.  I’m not saying it’s a bad painting, there are lots of things I do like about it which I’ll show you, but the overall painting is not what I wanted- yes it was an experiment, however it’s important to evaluate what worked an didn’t for the final paintings I’ll do soon.

Here is the finished vase:


Anenome vase, lustres on porcelain, Ingrid Lee, 2014.

Anenome vase, lustres on porcelain, Ingrid Lee, 2014.

Anenome vase, lustres on porcelain, Ingrid Lee, 2014.

Anenome vase, lustres on porcelain, Ingrid Lee, 2014, close up

What did I want to achieve?

1) I wanted to achieve a brilliant red colour, but still get the detail of the petals.  I really liked the flower in the photo… Continue reading

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