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Taking a break

I don’t know if you do this, but I use music to stimulate artworks, help me think about things, represent my thinking at the time, take me away, or simply chill and take 5….I find most genres of music do this for me….Ta Dave Brubeck :)

The big C word…and it’s not creativity

While I’m always espousing creativity and being creative, the only way I got here was by the commitment to my cause, which is being creative *lol* That’s today’s big C word :)

Lot’s of things can spark and stimulate your creativity…happens to me all the time and sometimes too much ;).  But it’s harnessing it, and making it productive, and making the commitment among all the other responsibilities you have that makes it work, so that you can find your true authentic and creative self…a no brainer really.  Drop the crap that’s constraining and holding you back, commit to the process of creating and let it flow……..

Commitment unlocks the doors of imagination, allows vision, and gives us the “right stuff” to turn our dreams into reality.”

James Womack

Note to self…..Sometimes easier said than done ;) ha ha ha

Landscape painting is not my “thing”

Landscape painting is really not my “thing.”  I am more inspired by the enviromental context of a landscape for re interpretation, rather than to paint one :)  Don’t get me wrong I appreciate and love other artist’s landscapes, and I have friends whose landscapes simply awaken my spirit and take my breath away…but it’s not from my own work, I guarantee you!!  So here are two ladscapes I’ve done on porcelain, years ago…again reinforcing to me the “it’s not my thing”.  I have taught Australian Landscape painting and other landscape art for years in oils and acrylics, but it’s not my passion at all.

Moored boats, porcelain plate, Ingrid Lee 1999.

Esperance Beach, Porcelain Tile 29cm x 15cm, Ingrid Lee 1999.

Smile when you are sad

‘‘Never frown, even when you are sad, Because you never know who is Falling in love with your smile.”


One of my girlfriends shared this quote with me on facebook a while back, I don’t know who created the quote, but I like it :)

Ingrid Lee


So here is my smile for when I am sad…I try not to frown, cos it gives you wrinkles ;)


I haven’t done much art on smiles or mouths…I love drawing and painting eyes and hands as subject matter…something I’ll write about here later on…





Inspired by “My Funny Valentine”

This is an exciting time for me!!!!  Post-children-stuff-life painting! (maybe I could start a movement?! ;p)

I’ve been ruminating on a series of canvas pieces in acrylics for a few months now. They were inspired by this version of My Funny Valentine…while I’m not a fan of Sting ;)…this song had a massive emotional impact on me at the time…and still does, and stimulated a big process for change in my own mind set, strangely enough :).

It automatically conjured colours, shapes and forms, here are some preliminary sketches and ideas. From this version of Funny Valentine, I have in my mind two paintings.



I’ve also been thinking of listening to Miles Davis’ version…  And I want to see what response I make to it, maybe I’ll use my reponse to this version as a comparison.  I’ll see.


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