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Who represents my art in St Petersburg?

How exciting :))


Art Agency ConSferArt became the sole representative in Russia of the Australian artist Ingrid Lee.

Contact for communication: +7-904-517-26-47,

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Why paint about Destiny and Love?

Why Destiny and Love?

This blog post is a continuation on exploring my next series of art works around the themes of Destiny and Love.  The initial idea for these works stemmed from my last trip to St Petersburg, where (apart from my own exhibition of works which are still there- being taken to another gallery soon :) ) I was asked to paint about my inspiration or reflections about Dostoevsky’s writings, as I had already done a painting reflecting Gogol’s “The Portrait” for my exhibition in SPb…thanks Valeri Ivanov ;).   I did not have a lot of time to paint my impressions during my stay, but I decided upon an artwork which was inspired by Dostoevsky’s short story “White Nights.

I hadn’t read this short story before, but I am thankful for my meeting in SPb with the brilliant photographer Nikolay Krusser (his Fan… Continue reading

Steps of an Artist’s creative process

In this post, I’ll explain the Steps of an Artist’s creative process by exploring the background to this painting, as well as explain how and why this new series of art works has been inspired.  The style of this painting is abstract impressionism, and I think that this post will give some insight to you, about this approach to painting- it’s more than just random splodges of colour!  Hopefully if you enjoy my art works, which I assume you do or you wouldn’t be sharing my art world with me, some of you might be interested in a small insight to my creative processes (if not, I hope you enjoy the pictures all the same LOL).


“The Air That I Breathe” Ingrid Lee, 2012. 102cm x 76cm Acrylic on canvas.

Painting : “The Air That I Breathe”

Here is the completed painting of “The Air… Continue reading

New painting in progress- The Air that I Breathe

Here is my latest canvas painting I’m working on, based on the song “The Air That I Breathe”  I’ll go into more about the artwork and meanings in a later post once it has been completed.  I’ve been busy writing articles for magazines, organising art projects and planning new art work for my next exhibition in Thailand in November- that one is for porcelain, so I haven’t been blogging much :(

I have been listening to the k.d. Lang version of The Air That I Breathe; here are a few pics…I’m half way through the painting, the song is at the end of the pics, with the lyrics I focused on too

The yellow bits are metallic gold…


“Peace came upon me and it leaves me weak
So sleep, silent angel, go to sleep

Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe
And to love you… Continue reading

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