Ingrid H Lee (B.Education, Honours-Research, Masters Education- Research, Candidate PhD) is a contemporary artist who paints and teaches porcelain, canvas and mixed media.  She travels internationally for exhibitions, art projects, creativity consulting, masterclasses and inspiration for her art works and books she writes.  Ingrid is a highly productive artist and creative entrepreneur, and is a sessional lecturer at university in Arts Education and pedagogy.

Artist and Creativity and Art Educator Ingrid H Lee

As a professional artist, she has painted on porcelain, canvas and other paint related mediums for 20 years.  Ingrid's paintings tell a story through intense and vibrant colours and flowing brushwork built up through fine, transparent layers of paint.  Her work as a colourist and abstract expressionist painter is one which enables her to communicate her inspirations, experiences and feelings in an immediate way.

Her formal training is as an educator, obtaining a Bachelor of Education, Primary- Secondary; Honours Degree, Research; and Master of Education, by research in creativity in education and how to optimize creative learning outcomes.  Ingrid is now undertaking her PhD, researching creativity and innovation in pedagogy in arts education.  She has taught in both primary and secondary schools and lectured at university, focusing on the development of creative and innovative practices in curriculum and pedagogy.  Ingrid has been a teacher of art masterclasses and seminars for nearly 20 years in her own studios and gallery in Australia, and is now in demand internationally to teach her unique approaches to creativity and painting.

Ingrid's creativity as an artist transcends to her entrepreneurial pursuits.  She has over 20 years experience in owning, developing and managing her own retail art businesses and working as an education and creativity consultant and HR trainer to education institutions and private industry.  Ingrid's experience as an online marketing strategist, web designer, copywriter for online retail and private industries for over six years has resulted in her own company and art work going global. Currently she provides services of creative consulting and projects to arts industry and collaborations with corporate and private industries-  Ask Ingrid about public speaking and lectures.

Just as Ingrid's paintings are fine balance of intense colour and flowing shapes, her life is a balance between raising her family, creating in her studio, and building her entrepreneurial pursuits.  She embraces this dynamic mindset explaining that it enables her have focus, flexibility, clarity and high productivity in balance of strategic management and organisation, thinking and flow of ideas.  In her free time (yes, there is some) Ingrid enjoys baking (see her online features), visiting art galleries and exhibitions, reading, writing and crazy quilting.

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My online world moves so quickly, that by the time I get a chance to ruminate, ponder or simply enjoy something...the idea has gone on moved here's hoping that this blog will maintain the momentum!  I'll also use this blog to update on paintings or some exhibition pieces I'm working on or creating.

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 Ingrid H Lee is an international artist of contemporary porcelain painting and abstract expressionist acrylic painting, mixed media. She teaches masterclasses worldwide and at her Online Arts School, and creates collaborative art projects with public, corporate and government sectors. Her paintings are found in private collections in Australia, Thailand, Russia, France, Sweden, Norway, United States and in the Royal Art Collection of Thailand. When she’s not painting or writing, she’s baking for her family and creating with fabric. For information about Ingrid’s exhibitions, masterclasses, projects or commissions contact

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