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If you answer is yes, then read on...I think you'll love these inspiring designs- AND I think you'll love the special event which you're invited to at the bottom of this post!

If you don't embroider, but love to be inspired by beautiful creations, or maybe you do crazy quilting or other forms of sewing where you could use some beautiful designs, then this post will appeal to you too....and of course you are welcomed to the special on ūüôā ¬† you never know, you might be inspired to learn how!

Here is a sample of what I'm talking about:

Pink Bliss fabric print by Ingrid Lee on Etsy IngridCreates

Pink Bliss fabric print by Ingrid Lee on Etsy IngridCreates

I have designed a range of fabric prints especially for embroidery and embellishment...this art project has taken over 18 months to develop.

Ribbon Embroidery by Ingrid Lee

Fabric print Floral Delight by Ingrid Lee on Etsy IngridCreates

Fabric print Floral Delight by Ingrid Lee on Etsy IngridCreates


So how did I get into designing fabric prints when I mainly paint on porcelain and canvas collectible  interiors? Here  is the story behind this beautiful range of prints and some of the behind the scenes info about how I designed them...and of course more photos of my embroidery which will be sure to inspire you!

Also, don't forget the special on.


A quick story behind how Ingrid's Floral fabric prints for embroidery all began

During my trip to exhibit my collection of canvas and porcelain paintings in St Petersburg and share experiences of ribbon embroidery in 2012, I was also invited by Russian company Rukodelie Deluxe to design an artist series of fabric prints exclusively for their boutique, which would inspire embroiderers of all ability levels.

One of Ingrid's ribbon embroidery masterclasses

One of Ingrid's ribbon embroidery masterclasses

Rukodelie Deluxe is a small, family owned embroidery and fabric arts boutique, in the heart of one of the most prestigious shopping malls of St Petersburg, Russia.  Owner Maria Shilina prides herself on supplying her clients with high quality and world best brands of materials, silks ribbons and instruments for all needlework, with a strong focus on maintaining the beautiful traditions and modern directions of needle arts.

One of Ingrid's ribbon embroidery masterclasses St Petersburg

During my stay in St Petersburg, we began the research for these prints on a private tour at the Yusopov Palace in St Petersburg, where I would take inspiration from interior designs of the later 19th and early 20th Century, and create a series of designs which would suit the modern home.  I found this video on youtube which shows some of the interiors so you can see part of my inspirations: Five generations of elite aristocratic dynastyYusupov were the owners of the palace on the Moika from in St Petersburg from 1830 to 1917.


I later continued my research back home in Melbourne, researching romantic paintings of vintage postcards and artworks by Catherine Klein and Paul de Longpre, and modern designers like Kaffe Fassett  just to name a few; as well as looking at the types of work embroiderers do world wide, thanks to all of my friends on facebook, and checking out magazines I have featured in for fabric interiors and other decor (click here to read more) and pinterest albums ( a fantastic resource, be sure to follow me here)

Golden Springtime fabric print by Ingrid Lee on Esty IngridCreates

Golden Springtime fabric print by Ingrid Lee on Esty IngridCreates

Creating the designs

So the question was how to infuse vintage interiors with a modern feel to suit today’s lifestyle and interiors?  Well, this type of work wasn't new to me.  I started designing interior collections for boutiques in my early career.  With 20 years’ experience in designing floral and landscape paintings on porcelain and canvas for clients’ homes and commercial boutiques, I was excited to create a beautiful and elegant range of paintings  especially for was something new and a welcome break from my usual abstract expressionist works (see more here).

I created a few sketches and painted designs in both acrylics and watercolours to get a feel for what would work best, and which style of art work would suit our ideas and an international market for floral designs.  Acrylics were too heavy in look, and I wanted something softer...sometimes I painted designs which were too soft in colour and feel, which wouldn't be suitable to the ribbons available to embroiderers world wide.  Some of the early designs:

 Fabric designer Ingrid Lee



After 4 months of trialling, we agreed on a style, then I simply painted away over the next few months.  There are 14 designs in this first series of florals, which cover a range of seasonal colours and flowers.   We wanted to include romantic florals but not too vintage looking.  Here you can see my original painting (right) and the fabric print in the hoop (left); I started embroidering it with Silk Hanah Ribbons:

Proud Pansy fabric Print by Ingrid Lee on Etsy IngridCreates

Proud Pansy fabric Print by Ingrid Lee on Etsy IngridCreates


The hard work just began....

Personally, I think Maria's task of finding the right type of printing process and fabric was more difficult than my part of this endeavour!  Without this, we would have an inferior product.  One of the biggest problems with prints, is that the printing process results in the design sitting on top of the fabric- a lot like hand painting the fabric, which can tear the ribbons and blunt your needles more quickly.  So after many months of trialing printing processes and sourcing fabrics from the US, Germany, France etc with some of the prints, she finally decided upon a high quality 100% cotton fabric from Germany.  The best printing process was used, and then my task of designing the marketing and packaging started.

There was lots of other work done behind the scenes of both our companies, it wasn't just the two of us- and we thank you all.  This work included many hours of skyping, emails, testing products, sourcing, early morning and late night meetings with time differences, early promotions and pre events, market testing, all while trying to run our other business projects and busy families.  So, it is wonderful to come to this point, 18 months later, where we have a beautiful collection of 14 high quality, original, artist designed fabric prints, which we are very proud to present to you. 


Now that you know the background to this embroidery project, I want to welcome you to my online store on Etsy IngridCreates ......BUT BEFORE YOU CLICK~~ Read on.....

 If you remember the special event I told you about at the beginning of this post?

Well, here it is....As part of the GRAND OPENING of my Etsy store where you can buy these beautiful prints, I am going to do a FREE live webinar open to subscribers of this event worldwide, you are all invited to attend but you must have a ticket to secure your place, to have the first world exclusive viewing of these beautiful prints, a FREE demonstration, and FREE gift from me and more!  Click the link below to find out how you can secure your ticket to be part of this exciting, premier online event!

Fabric prints for embroidery designed by Ingrid Lee on Etsy IngridCreates

Do you have friends who would like to attend this event? Please share this post on the social network links below....I hope to see you at the LIVE EVENT!

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  1. baran
    July 26, 2014 -

    Hi, please learning roses in this link thanks for help.

    • July 28, 2014 -

      Hi Baran, I do not teach Nigar Hikmet's style of embroidery, but I will add you to the email list for when my online embroidery courses start, and I hope you find something you like there.

  2. July 8, 2014 -

    Such beautiful work. I love how you use a combination of silk colors for your petals. I look forward to learning more about your online school. Wishing you all the best.

    • July 9, 2014 -

      Thanks Cecilia....I'm working on it as we speak! See you soon :)

  3. February 1, 2014 -

    Ingrid, Wishing you great success as your work is very original and beautiful with a touch of vintage. Invites to creativity. Ana Sastrias

    • February 1, 2014 -

      Thank you dear Ana, it has been a very enjoyable project to be involved in, and a break from my regular work. I always love flowers, and I think it is a beautiful way to keep them in the home. I want to try some designs when I get the time, in even more contemporary styles...a project for later in the year :) Thanks again for your lovely comments, Ingrid xx

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