"Are you still painting??" asked one of my friends, as they remarked I hadn't been online much (i.e facebook or twitter) or posting on my blog.  The answer is YES, I'm working on many paintings at the moment....I've been researching the paintings of Artemisia Gentileschi for some canvas work- very interesting....and asemic writing for another painting I'm part way through planning.
I don't have much time to be anywhere else except in my studio.  We have school holidays here too, so I have another 4 weeks to entertain my kids with and get my own work done 😉  and still stay sane!!!!!   Galleries, beach and garden parks await!

Over Christmas break I spent a lovely 2 days visiting a dear friend, my kids loved her chickens- all I can say is that the chickens learned to run fast 🙂 ...but this time spent with her has given me more clarity about a project and painting series to start in late 2014 and a re-connection to many things...ta Debs xx

Yesterday we went to Ashcombe Maze...the gardens are lovely and gave lots of time for quiet contemplation too....



In Australia we are in summer....so I'm surprised how green it was here....their lawn is still greener than ours!



One of my local beaches, about 15 minutes away!


Thankfully I am taking a 2 day business planning sabbatical next week along the beach, so that I can get through the myriad of magazine submissions, and masterclasses planning for 2013, and a new collaborative project overseas- very exciting, I'll tell you about that later.  Ironically a sabbatical is supposed to be a break from work (seriously that never happens EVER!)...but I need a break from my studio and home, so that I can get other things organised, minus the distractions LOL

So, I am painting and doing other things...I'm not disappearing!  If you are interested in some more information about my masterclasses in porcelain painting, acrylics or ribbon embroidery and painting for 2013, commissioning a painting or a group art project, please contact me or make an appointment with me to chat on skype  ingrid.lee75

I'll be back in a week or so...... 🙂  Happy New Year and creative prosperity to you 😀

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    December 30, 2012 -

    Happy new year to you too! Gorgeous...

    • December 30, 2012 -

      Bond!!...Happy New Year my dear friend :*

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