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Ingrid H Lee is a colourist, whose conceptual works are largely expressed in abstract expressionist style, on porcelain, canvas or mixed media.  She sees and feels colour, describing this process as a totally sensory and personal experience.   The unique feature about Ingrid's paintings is that they create a conceptual narrative which transcends space.  Ingrid states that her paintings become a collaborative experience or architectural interior which connects and resonates her concepts and art work with the investor and their environment.  This experience of connection is due results from her unique approach to colour and use of abstraction expressionism.

Ingrid prefers to paint in abstraction or expressionism as it enables her to tell her story with great power, energy and life; it is totally experiential, and thus each painting is unique.  She explains that

realistic forms and shapes are limiting to my ability to share my experience or the immediate flow of ideas and emotions.  Abstract expressionism allows me to open my heart and soul, and allow my raw feelings to flow and expand in a way which cannot conveyed in other styles.  Therefore there is no subject matter per se to hide behind or distract from….only total openness from myself at that particular moment.  It is a very real experience to capture, and essentially a part of me. (Ingrid H Lee)

Ingrid H Lee (B.Education, Honours-Research, Masters Education- Research, PhD Candidate) is a self-taught artist who has completed private master classes and art study excursions with professional artists around the world for 20 years. Her international exhibitions and professional teaching of art courses world-wide enables her to study at international galleries and embrace new experiences, music, literature and people's lives which inspire and stimulate the ideas for her work.

Ingrid Lee's art works are found in private collections in Australia, France, Russia, Sweden, Thailand, Norway and the United States; and in the Royal Art Collection in Thailand for HRH Princess Sirindhorn.



Ingrid H Lee artist, writer, educator, creative entrepreneur

Mediums: Acrylic, Inks and mixed media, Contemporary porcelain.

Style: Abstract expressionism, Expressionism, Lyrical abstraction.

Subject matter: Conceptual, Figurative, Floral, Landscape.


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