Project Outline

To develop, organise and conduct the project, promotions and sponsorship for a series of porcelain painting demonstrations by Ingrid Lee at the Australian Porcelain Artists and Teachers international convention in Sydney, Australia, October 2013.

Role of Ingrid Lee Enterprises in this project:

- To create and promote the project and marketing on all social networks, online press releases and related media.

- To conduct and organise brief assessment and evaluation of project.

- Coordinate sponsorship and publicity for marketing and products used during the demonstrations and promotions leading up to the event.

- Create demonstrations for artists at the APAT event as a free porcelain painting event.  The final paintings were      raffled off at the Gala dinner to raise money for APAT NSW.



Interdec Australia- porcelain and paint supplies.

Wordify Australia- Content creation and assistance for demonstrations during event, social media support.



Read the blog post about this event.


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