Opportunity happens when you are happy to keep your doors open...that is what happened with my final art experience in St Petersburg.  I was extremely fortunate to study a masterclass with awesome artist Valerius Ivanov at the Nevsky Forum Hotel.


While we had fantastic chats in sentences combined with Russian, English and German...whatever works 😉  but I was really engaged by Valerius' use of modern techniques which he generously shared.

Artwork by Valerius Ivanov


I had greatly admired Valeri's artwork in the hotel lobby when I first arrived, there was great happiness which emanates and connected with me from his compositions...how awesome to actually work with him later in the week, a great surprise!!!  He taught me a new technique of a sgraffito style technique on board

Artwork by Valerius Ivanov


And he made a portrait of me, reflecting my journey and readings of Gogol which I discussed in another blog post...How lucky am I????  Here it is:


I look forward to creating some interpretations of my experience in St Petersburg using this technique.  Valerius, thanks so much for a wonderful experience and opportunity to work with you and offering me a new perspective on things, from great heights!!

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