Project outline

As part of fostering a collaborative creative community online, the concept of CREATIVE CHAT WEBINARS and ART TALK VIP events was developed by Ingrid Lee as an innovative way to connect online with artists worldwide, and position Ingrid Lee Enterprises education programs and online concepts as leaders in the arts industry.  It was a main marketing strategy for building brand awareness and targeting niche market for online learning.  ART TALK VIP events were paid events resulting from 4 months of free Creative Chat Webinar events, which were part of a 10 month marketing strategy to pilot the establishment of an online arts school.


The pilot campaign overall was to:

1. Test the feasibility of establishing an online art school

2. Develop the online pedagogic practices which are suitable for learning art online

3.  Research and learn the software required to set up the online school and design the curriculum.

4. How to incorporate outcomes for developing creative and collaborative learning environments as researched in Ingrid Lee's Master thesis, and apply them online.

5. Create the branding strategy across all social media networks.

6. Produce the video promotions and webinars.

7. Organise international guest artists and interviews for recordings.

8. Produce video embed materials for webinars to show the efficacy of online learning with Ingrid.


The aim was to:

  • Use webinars with demonstrations to sharing industry information and host live events (with replay option)
  • Produce Live events enabled interactivity with artists world wide
  • The use of video embeds with sleek registration processes and branding which has 'flow' was a focus for this project.
  • Produce a marketing campaign for facebook and twitter which built on the niche marketed for 4 months via free webinars
  • Build rapport and target ideal clients for online learning and future products with Ingrid Lee Enterprises


Click here to see the landing page  for ART TALK VIP events.

Video promotions for the webinar events:

Review by one of our online students:


The evaluation of the pilot study has resulted in the establishment of Ingrid's new online school, which includes both in-person and online events and courses.  Webinars, Art Talk VIP events and Online courses are still the major focus for this learning community, with a new direction.

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