Can you really learn from a skype demonstration?

It's a great question.  From personal experience, I say YES!  I have been studying weekly  Russian lessons with my teacher in Moscow for over 6 months, and it is wonderful!  I am too busy to travel to the city to learn and it doesn't suit my family commitments for me to travel every week late at night for courses, and I get to learn 1:1 live!

I have taught two skype demonstrations to clients in St Petersburg, Russia.  They were for ribbon embroidery.  One was a few months ago (read about it here), and last week's live skype demonstration was promoting a new product I am creating with Russian company Rukodelie DeLux.  I will tell you more about this product soon, but basically it is a series of floral paintings I have created and are printed on highest quality German cotton fabric, ready for silk ribbon or any other type of embroidery.  I'll show you a sample of the design which I taught, followed by a completed embroidery of my design, and lastly, a photo one of the participant's embroideries, so you can see how successful skype learning for demonstrations can be.

At the end of this post, I offer 5 reasons why skype is a great tool for demonstrations 🙂


Printed embroidery panels by Ingrid Lee

Printed embroidery panels by Ingrid Lee....14 designs to choose from

Ribbon embroidery by Ingrid Lee


Here is a completed embroidery by one of the participants of this skype demonstration, Tatyana Samotoshina and her comments about it on facebook:

Tatyana is part of my Masterclass+ facebook group, which is available to any students I have taught, in any medium, for extra support and contact with me, and to share their work, and get advice even after the course- all free!  Here is what she showed in the group:

Embroidery completed by Tatyana Samotoshina, via skype lesson with Ingrid Lee


Here is Tatyana's post on my facebook wall

Testimonal about skype demonstrations with Ingrid Lee


I will be sharing more information about this new product for ribbon embroidery panels in a few weeks, so come back soon!! Or contact me for more details today.


5 reasons of why you should participate in a skype demonstration?

1) Firstly, I travel teach ( which means I don't teach from my own studio or premises) around Australia (see my latest course I taught) and internationally, but I might not be travelling to your area when you need me to.  So a skype demonstration about what I do, is ideal.

2) If you have ever wanted to work with me, but you're not sure of what I do, and you are interested in presenting a skype demonstration of porcelain painting, art design, embroidery or other courses I teach (click here to see what courses I teach) to students at your studio, painting association or guild, convention, education group, it is an easy and effective method for me here.

3) Skype demonstrations are a great way to see what I do at an affordable price, and experience my style of art education before you book me for in-person courses.   An online demo is exactly like any regular in-person demonstration, where I will share the highlights of one of my courses, or a particular painting or embroidery technique or subject.

4)  Skype is a free global community that enables me to talk to you, unlike watching a youtube video- there is interaction! So I can share skills and inspiration around specific teaching needs.

5) Skype demonstrations are from 1 to 3 hours depending on the topic presented, so this time flexibility means that you can participate (longer demo) or just watch (usually the short 1 hour demo).


  • If you want to see Ingrid present live demonstrations of porcelain painting in Sydney, click here 


  • What are your concerns about participating in a skype demonstration?  Let me know in the comments below.  Is it something you think you'd be interested in?



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