I'll discuss very briefly how I go about creating a design, based on one of my current client's commissions on porcelain.  This week I visited a client who has commissioned a porcelain painting of a small urn or box, she is still undecided about exactly which porcelain object she'd like until the final theme of the design is confirmed.

The porcelain design needs to reflect things which her mother enjoyed and loved during her life time, as her mother had since passed away and she wanted something to signify the memory of her Mum.  So these interests included roses, the colour emerald green or greens, Impressionist painters, something about the Netherlands because her Mum was Dutch; and nothing with windmills or the blue cobalt designs typical of Delft ware ;).

It is important to research and plan my design.  If you are a regular reader of my blog, that you will have seen the processes of research I used for my current exhibition of paintings to Russia; and other paintings which I create.  Here are the samples of paintings that will inspire this design.

These images will help to stimulate a design, and be presented along side my sketch to present to my client.  I looked at old Dutch master paintings of roses:

This is a painting by Dutch Master Jans Frans Vandael of Roses, Peonies and flowers on a ledge still life, 1826.  This is a very traditional style of painting, and I need to keep in mind that this commission work not only needs to evoke or reflect memories for my client, but also suit her contemporary styled home.

I think the next painting by Van Gogh will be most suitable to inspire a design.  It is an Impressionist painting by Van Gogh called The Rose which links in the dutch, rose and impressionism and green elements.


Now to choose the shape of the porcelain piece, the tallest urn is 30cm high.  The round footed jar is 19cm high.  The oval box is 16cm  x 10.5cm.  The round box is 13cm diameter.



Once the porcelain shape is agreed to, off I go on with the design......


So....what happened?  Well, my client, after reading this post  remembered that her Mum loved van Gogh's Starry Night and Don McLean's song Vincent.  This is the process which is important in commissioning art work, because the initial part is finding what the client feels connected to with the art work, especially when it is for personal piece like this.   So, we are still on a dutch theme, Impressionism 🙂





If you are interested in commissioning me to paint on porcelain or canvas, please contact me

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  1. Doris M Ackilli
    November 14, 2012 -

    I have been enjoying the opportunity to look at you Orchid vase closely. It is absolutely stunning. Question: Would you consider putting an article together for the 'Porcelain Artist' magazine? If you are, I can send you all information required. Hope to hear from you. Doris

    • November 14, 2012 -

      Hi Doris, thanks for your comments...yes I'd love to contribute an article. I'll email you for details. Thanks for that opportunity. Ingrid

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