Ingrid Lee creates her contemporary porcelain designs by applying traditional methods of painting including onglaze painting, gold and paste work and integrating them with lustre paints and fine metallic powders.   This combination of techniques creates a modern and unique design for porcelain plates, tiles and vases.

Modern porcelain painter Ingrid H Lee


Currently, Ingrid's passion for painting on porcelain has moved into a new focus, as she explores new techniques and pushes the boundaries of porcelain painting mediums to create innovative, unique and collectible porcelain art works.  She explains:

'to paint on porcelain, I find that the high glossy white surface offers a translucency which canvas or paper cannot support. I only use highest quality porcelain, paints, lustre and gold. Specifically, with porcelain I can use the porcelain shape to stimulate or translate an idea which will parallel the theme, unlike canvas. And simply, porcelain is white gold; its value is unsurpassed. Porcelain painting is carefully planned…even if the idea is immediate, the method of painting can be laborious, as each layer of paint must be fired in a kiln.' ~Ingrid H Lee

Many of Ingrid's porcelain art works complement or are an extension of a theme which she has created on canvas, thus creating a consistent styling and narrative of interiors for collectors of her work. The shape of the porcelain often reflects her ideas, or inspire the design.  Ingrid describes:

'the shape of the porcelain offers me the challenge to further explore strong  elements of design to communicate my ideas.  My passion for creating with lustres and contemporary designs are deeply reflective of many years of painting in acrylics, inks and oils.  I have mastered techniques with lustres by applying traditional oil painting techniques and styles like verdaccio and grisaille, tenebrism, and traditional porcelain applications of gold and paste work in contemporary designs to push my creativity...the possibilities are endless which is why I find modern porcelain painting to be a very inspirational medium.' ~Ingrid H Lee

Her individual style and unique approach to painting on porcelain, has made her techniques much sought after for master classes, magazine publicationsexhibitions and private collections world wide.

Porcelain painting by Ingrid Lee

These videos explain the processes Ingrid uses when painting in abstract expressionist style on porcelain


Read how this lustre painting on porcelain was inspired by the solar flares of the sun and love....

Falling to pieces, Ingrid Lee

Find out how glitter inspired this painting of orb spider eggs and spiderlings on a porcelain vase....

Orb spider eggs on porcelain, Ingrid Lee

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Media features of Ingrid's paintings on porcelain


Ingrid has been invited as guest artist by Bangsai Arts and Craft Centre of HM Queen Sirikit of Thailand and SACICT government agency for the International Porcelain Convention 2015. Read more here

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