This project was finished last year, where I creating art with porcelain and ribbon embroidery, but it entailed a lot of problem solving along the way.  Sometimes I like to create a mini artworks within an artwork, so I painted a small porcelain shoe with raised paste  roses and gilding, added gold pen work rose buds, and filled the opening of the shoe with a bouquet of silk ribbon embroidered flowers to complement the paint work.  All of the colours in the embroidery bouquet reflect the colour you see reflected off the gold paint and off the white white porcelain which is why it is more harmonious.  But this project wasn’t going to be as simple as I thought!!

Here is the porcelain shoe

Gold Roses on porcelain shoe, Ingrid Lee

Detail of raised paste rose


Ribbon Embroidery

Here are the silk ribbons I’ve used….they are hand died silk ribbons by ColourStreams.


These are one of my favourite ribbons to work with.  I wanted a dramatic effect with the ribbon roses, so I chose this gorgeous colour of Aubergine silk (13mm)…it is varigated in the deepest black purple, then blending to silver grey and golds.  I felt this colour would set the mood of the piece and make it a striking feature of the overall piece.

The small gold roses where made with colourstream gold (7mm) hand died silk ribbon- a very fiddly job.

Initially I thought the design would just comprise of these rolled roses in large and small ones…but I realised it wasn’t going to work.  The overall design would be boring and the beautiful colours of the roses would be lost to a poorly constructed design.

So how did I solve the problem?

I decided I needed another texture to lift the central design, so I added some white organza rolled ribbon roses, and the I made a pale blue rose which was to look like it had opened to full bloom- like a blown rose.   Glass beads were added to add lift to the design.

Here are some photos of the development and sewing together of the embroidery bouquet:

 Silk ribbon embroidery  Silk ribbon embroidery

Here is the finished piece:

Silk ribbon roses and handpainted porcelain shoe, Ingrid LeeSilk ribbon roses and handpainted porcelain shoe, Ingrid Lee

Silk Roses


Porcelain shoe

Silk ribbons


Do you think the design is successful of mixing the two mediums?  

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