Join my painting journey for Day 6, colors fade but not my inspiration!

The heat in my studio this week is a little too much, despite air conditioning...even the bouquet is starting to suffer!  The colours are fading and the petals are curling up more, and the overall vibrancy of the flowers is going fast.  BUT this in itself is inspiring...the changes taking place in the bouquet, and the aim to create a new painting almost everyday has been a great journey.

 Day 6 painting journey with Ingrid Lee




As I reflect on today's journey, I really like the fact that I can enjoy the change of nature; it's a really nice process to experience each day with a purpose which is to enjoy the moment.  The change in colour palette was good, and it interestingly reflected the mood I'm in with this ongoing heat.


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What do you think about the development of artworks over this week?  Please leave your comments, I look forward to reading them.  If you think your friends would like to read this post, please share on the social networks below 🙂


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