I'm up to Day 7 painting journey pen and ink, and I think the inspiration from Leonardo which I spoke about in Day 2 (see here) has come through.  The heat we are experiencing has dried out my bouquet, and the flowers are more and more shriveled and brown- BUT it's so interesting and inspiring!

Day 7 painting journey with Ingrid Lee




While I was really excited and inspired to start this drawing today, I'm not sure how happy I was during the process of this drawing, which is a brief etude, not a finished art work by any means- there are too many errors, and changes in thinking...not something I would usually share, but it's an interesting outcome for today.  I haven't worried about the product of any of the paintings so far, except this one.  And I think it's going to affect what I paint tomorrow.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed drawing, but my focus moved from the process to the product- hence the changes in thinking while I was drawing.  I'll think about it more, and see what happens tomorrow.


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If you are following my journey and creating with me- I know some of you are- has this happened to you yet? Let me know in the comments where you read this post.

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