After yesterday's painting on Day 7 which left me feeling rather unsuccessful, I was happy of course to be creating, but I didn't like what I was producing.  BUT it's Day 8, and I'm HAPPY 🙂


Day 8 Painting journey with Ingrid Lee


The flowers were pretty much dead, only a few were still holding any colour, similar Day 6.  The textures and colours which presented themselves today were truly inspiring.  The great thing about the subject matter today, is that the movement has changed- the energy is different too.  The dying flowers and leaves are creating a new world, a new space, and it's really interesting to capture what I see as new life in this subject matter.

I really enjoyed combining the ink painting first with pen work on top for definition.  While I was painting today, I'd thought over the etudes from the past few days, and realised that I'd achieved more than I'd intended to- a wonderful outcome when you ask what else is possible?  This is something I've been practicing for the past few months in my personal life, and it is a wonderful journey to be on.

Here's the video, I hope you like today's work too.  As I mention on the video, for the next six days I will go outside and venture into the natural environment for inspiration, and see what else is possible!  You can see that I start off with underpainting using an Imprimatura technique, but I've mixed burnt umber with a little dioxazine purple.  Then I gradually add more colour.



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