Day 9 painting journey- it's back!  Well it has been a long time since my last post on this painting gets that way sometimes.  But I was clearly missing something, so I managed to squeeze in some time and put together Day 9's painting journey.  As I said in Day 8, I wanted to get out of my studio, and I have, so the next few paintings will be of things I find along my walks or on outings which are inspiring to me.  In particular I'm looking at colour, light and interesting textures.

Day 9 painting journey with Ingrid Lee

Day 9 painting journey with Ingrid Lee

I was full of energy from painting this etude, that I resumed another canvas painting I've been working on, which should be finished shortly.  I feel better when I paint, but the land of administration, business, writing and promotions has taken over my studio for a little longer than I anticipated 🙂  Thanks for your patience in waiting for this video, I really appreciate it (5 more to go).

Here is today's video, I've used oil pastels and inks which I really enjoyed playing with.  The oil pastels capture the energy and feel of the leaf shapes- particularly the density.  I've built up washes of inks over the drawing, and then added some final details into the damp inks with oil pastel; this way I could still blend the pastel into the paint a little.


Please let me know what you think about this etude in the comments below- Have you combined oil pastels and ink before? I'd like to see it.  Before you go, please share this post and check out some of the links from the past 8 days of this painting journey- which is most inspiring to you?


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