I have previously written about my love affair with Porcelain Painting and Roses…I don’t think love can really accurately describe the passion I have for porcelain painting and roses...or creating with roses in general, but you can read more about this article on my other site.

In this post, I am sharing one of my favourite pieces of porcelain I painted a few years ago, Deep Ruby purple roses on porcelain and photos of my roses from my garden.  I love this technique, and I'm planning designs for new works with roses from my garden.  The technique I use is called dusting, and it allows for a greater depth of colour and high shine to the work.  The painting medium I use for this technique I used has changed, so I am trialling new products again...fingers crossed!  This technique works best for large blooms on large pieces...I think anyway.  I have trialled little porcelain pieces with roses, but the effect is not as grand.



The colours I used for these roses



My roses from my garden...the source of inspiration for my new porcelain paintings.  I grow French Delbards and a Black Queen (a propogated cutting from my Grandfather's roses in the 1960's), they are heavily perfumed from the like Dioressence and Mitsuko, Camille Pisarro, Alred Sisley...I have 10 rose bushes, all standards.  I grow other flowers also to photograph for my studies, these can be seen on my twitpix albums- subscribe to my tweets and you'll get them as I photograph them.  These are quick photos from my i-phone, but I also use a digital camera with a macro lens for other studies.

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  1. January 17, 2015 -

    Simply gorgeous! You are a lady of many talents - all of which you do beautifully! Hugs to you!

    • January 17, 2015 -

      Ta Nicki, glad you like my works....I love roses in all mediums, and can't wait to magic up a CQ with them :)

  2. [...] So why translate my interpretations of a theme through abstract expressionism in acrylics to porcelain?  Well, thanks to a very dear friend and big supporter of my work, I was encouraged to try it…now I have released a new genie, and there are many more works I am completing now in such styles.  Porcelain offers a translucency which canvas cannot support; I can use the porcelain shape to stimulate or translate an idea that will parallel the theme- unlike canvas…and white gold is white gold, it’s value is unsurpassed.  I simply love porcelain, and I’m free to express myself totally in my favourite medium; and paint more than flowers (see other painting styles of my porcelain painting here , here and here). [...]

  3. Lisa Kos
    July 6, 2012 -

    Hi Ingrid, your dusted roses are amazing. How do manage to achieve such detail? I have tried dusted roses a couple of times but cannot achieve the shading you achieve so well. Not to mention the dew drops. Fabulous work!!

    • July 6, 2012 -

      Hi Lisa, thanks for visiting my site and enjoying my work :) I have experimented with the process to develop my technique with dusted flowers. For these flowers to achieve the depth of this colour is the layering of intense values of colour, similar to what I do with acrylic and ink painting. I teach this in masterclasses/seminars :)

  4. Anna Herring
    December 29, 2011 -

    These are SO beautiful!!! Thank you for posting them and for the inspiration and details that you give us! Love, love, love them! Anna

    • December 29, 2011 -

      Hi Anna, thanks for visiting my site! I'll be sharing more of my porcelain work and giving explanations about certain paintings and techniques soon. I'm glad that this has inspired you! Thanks very much for your kind words. :)

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