I don't like watercolours, but I love inks because they are more intense, and I prefer the viscosity of the paint...this piece was started a few years ago, I just lost time to finish it. This contemporary painting with inks was purely an experiment with colour and technique.  I was exploring ink effects and textures with salt and methylated spirits and other bits and pieces.  I used Art Spectrum inks on laminated watercolour board...seriously Ingrid, finish the nose and it's done!  Very rarely do I not finish a painting....pull your finger out!!!  😉

Unfinished painting in inks by Ingrid Lee

The painting subject matter was found after the experimentation with product and medium...a technique I often use for contemporary porcelain.  The silver work reminded me of two things, a process of washing away thoughts or something to that effect and the solarization technique in Man Ray's photos, hence why I referred to his photo as the main source for the subject matter.  Due to the paint effects, I had to change the positioning of the figure in order to keep the bits I liked.  I enjoy painting in this style, and will look at completing some more works soon.




It was inspired by the photography from Man Ray, in particular the portrait: No title (Natacha) 1931.   I was lucky to see an exhibition of his photography and early film works at the Victorian Art Gallery about 8 years ago.  This website covers all large body of Man Ray's artworks


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