I'm working on a few new porcelain paintings at the moment, and planning others.  This week I had some new porcelain shapes delivered, and I'm planning a painting for the Destiny and Love series (see latest porcelain painting) with the use eyes as the feature.  I have used this subject matter before (click here to see)  and for this painting, I'm looking at expressing the notion of introspection when you are not in love, but really wishing you were, and questioning why you're not in a relationship with someone.  So I'm looking at the intense relationship we have within our head and selves when we don't want to be alone and are desperate to be be in love, and looking at the representations that reflect the broken record that plays in our minds of "why doesn't he/she...?" "why can't I find someone who....?" "I'll never find..." "nobody wants me" "why can't I look like/be like..." for example.  This process of introspection often causes us to stay trapped in our heads....it can be paralyzing, tiring, hurtful, loathsome, saddening, makes us angry, and even pitiful when we ask "why me again" etc...Sometimes we can spend so much time looking into ourselves, not accepting ourselves and loving ourselves for who we are, that we miss the moment for the next relationship.  It is this intensity of introspection that I'm wanting to express.

So, the eyes are the subject matter to communicate this process of looking into our selves and the internal dialogue within.  Here are some of the sketches I've done.  I want to create an expressionist painting on porcelain, so I don't want the eyes to be realistic, but to explicitly convey the emotions of the self dialogue.  So I set myself the task of spending no more than 3 minutes per drawing to capture the expression...as I went, the drawings became less detailed- I think this is the style of work I'm going to use.  Next I'll sort out the design for the porcelain, and medium to use....I'm looking forward to this painting 🙂



My new porcelain from http://interdec-australia.com.au/



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    December 2, 2012 -

    lovely eyes!

    • December 2, 2012 -

      Thanks Bond! you'd like the time it takes...less than 3 minutes per drawing ;)

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