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September 2015, Interview: Ingrid Lee, Creative Room 4 Talk, http://creativeroom4talk.com/interview-ingrid-lee/

May 2015, Aired 9 May 2015, 9pm, Channel 7 News Thailand, สถานีโทรทัศน์สีกองทัพบกช่อง 7 Bangkok Broadcasting & TV. Co.,Ltd. http://s.ch7.com/113133

April 2014, Hjulspinnernes Verden (Nature of Orb Spiders), DECOR-magasinet, Norway. Issue 2. Feature article about my porcelain painting using orb spiders as the subject matter.

February 2014, Porcelain Flash Feature Artist , Porcelain Flash, Zurich, Switzerland. Issue 29. Back cover feature and 9 page article about Ingrid Lee and her paintings.

December 2013, Feature Article Ingrid Lee, DECOR-magasinet Norway. Feature article about my porcelain and other paintings (4 pages).

August 2013, “Ingrid Lee,” IPAT Porcelain Artist, USA. Volume 53, Number 3. Interview about Ingrid Lee and her porcelain and other art work.

March 2013, Feature: Ingrid Lee, Magazine Art & Porcelaine, Switzerland. Spring Edition. Promoting Ingrid Lee's award winning paintings in Thailand from Royal Gala Event in 2012.

April 2013, Ingrid Lee (Feature), DECOR-magasinet Norway, Issue 2.

April 29, 2013, Евросиб-Авто организовало выставку картин Ингрид Ли - австралийской художницы, мастера современной абстракции и экспрессионизма, Contemporary art in Evrosib Auto, Russian Federation.

April 2013, Kilns, The Journal of Australian Ceramics. Joint feature in article with Woodrow Kilns.



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