I have not had time to post on any of my blogs for weeks!!!! I'm madly painting for this exhibition.  I've shared updates of paintings I'm taking to exhibit in St Petersburg on my facebook fan page for Ingrid Lee Artist...please like the fan page if you want to receive the updates there!  So I have some spare time on my painting break to share this porcelain piece I'm working on.

The plate is 14" (35.6 cm) oval...I've this plate with designed Mitsouko roses which I grow in my garden, as the main feature of this piece.  This painting was inspired by the gold work at Catherine's Palace, on my last trip to St Petersburg in 2011.  Roses featured on much of the furnishings, so I decided on a contemporary design, with my favourite roses.  The pen work is in burnishing gold, and the other roses will be completed in raised paste and scrolling, reflecting the rococo styling at the palace.  For those of you who don't know much about porcelain painting, the brown paint will fire in a kiln to a rich gold colour 😉 .

I've just finished the pen work..paste is next.  I will share the final result shortly.

Some other photos of the progress of this design:

I use contrast of value and texture to create natural definition where possible.

Here are my roses ( MITSOUKO rose Large double flowers of mimosa yellow, with pale pink edging; defines Mitsouko as a soft and feminine beauty. With Guerlain soft fragrance of violets and raspberries Mitsouko™adds wonderful soft colourings to the Parfum Collection)

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