Have you stopped creating?

Have you stopped creating?


As artists or art teachers or hobbyists there are times where we lose inspiration to paint  or how to progress in our work, 

....it's NORMAL!


Has this happened to me? A professional artist for 20 years? Sure!

Ink and Oil pastel demonstration Ingrid Lee

Ink and Oil pastel demonstration Ingrid H Lee

I often get asked questions on facebook about:

-my high levels of creativity

-what drives my passion

-how do I balance my art, work, travel, family etc

-how do I make time to create, write books, paint, make webinars, blog etc?

-how do I keep inspired and motivated?


And the big question I get asked about is have I ever been frustrated as an artist, or has my creativity ever "STOPPED"?



So I decided to create a webinar/video series which address your problems (which were also some of mine in the past) over a collection of five themes.  I'll share my insights from:

-personal experience,

-my academic research,

-experience of teaching art and creativity for 20 years


AND discuss the biggest reasons why you stop creating in the way you want to,

AND offer you some approaches to thinking differently about how you view yourself as a creative artist in any medium

AND keep you inspired along the way.


So, if you are someone who has ever: 

  1. Been stuck in a creative box?
  2. Been stuck for new ideas, or you're too scared to try something different?
  3. Experienced losing your inspiration to paint?

Then this video series may help you get back into your creative space. I'll explain a little more...


Now, I'd just like to back track a little, and go back to the big question I get asked by my friends and followers on social media and students I teach internationally,

~ have I ever been frustrated as an artist, or has my creativity ever "STOPPED"?  YES OF COURSE!!!!

Like I said, it happens....it happened to me for 7 years while I juggled family, chronic illness and work.

In fact I stopped painting during that time and only dabbled some wall murals and fun things for my kid's bedrooms.

images (3)


So, what was life like before it all stopped?

-I had been selling my art work since I was 16!

-To get through uni I started a small home based business where I taught classes from and did commission art work. I also taught art at adult education centres, volunteered art classes with disabled elderly and adults, sold my works at markets and art fairs, developed collections of giftware for Melbourne boutiques and private commissions.

-In my early to mid 20s I opened my first company and owned and ran a retail art shop and gallery where myself and my staff taught art classes 7 days a week.

-I taught art (and other subjects) at Primary and high schools, developed art related curriculum and other creative pedogogic innovations at university when lecturing in the Bachelor of education.


However, it was during all of this time though, that I found I wasn't really spending any time creating for myself.

I very rarely painted on large canvases or bigger projects like I do now- mainly because I didn't know how to express myself in the way I wanted

I didn't think anyone would be interested in what I had to say, so I just painted what was safe and what I thought people wanted.  


SO what happened?


Well, I discovered how to create again with even more energy and success than before.

Since 2010, I re-ignited my creativity, overcame my fears of failure as an artist and creative person on many levels.  I started by blogging, creating websites and a growing community online and my own company again.  Here is a little more of my story:

If you don't know me, I'm Ingrid Lee (B.Ed, Hons., M.Ed Research), an international award winning artist and teacher, and I re-created my art career back in 2010.


In 2010 I started Ingrid Creates, which began as a simple blog sharing everyday creativity online, from my home studio in Melbourne, Australia.  I shared all of the creative pursuits and interests I had or was exploring at that time, while I was at home with two small children: baking, decorating, embroidery, painting, my garden, flowers, porcelain painting, how to inspire creativity (based on my Masters Degree Research), music, nail art.


Here's a quick look

Journey of Ingrid Creates 2010-present



In the beginning, I really didn't know exactly where this would all go- I really didn't have concise marketing and business plans like I do now, but what I did know was that my readers and fans would help create how it would all work.  While I wasn't new to marketing or business in the online world,  it was still a big learning curve as I was doing this for myself not clients.

So, I kept blogging, figuring out facebook and started interviewing friends from my online networks who were also creative, and sharing their stories and passions with my readers.  I set up my youtube channel (see my first video) and other social networks to share my creative world as much as I could.  Almost a year later I started writing for my art blog Ingrid Lee Art, among other publications.


I learned that life became more fulfilling and focused the more I shared, trusted in myself, and made big choices.


You see I was on a little personal journey at that time on many levels, and I would never have thought that my career and creativity would be opening so many opportunities as it has...international travel to teach and exhibit my art works, winning awards from the Queen of Thailand, presenting a collection of art to HRH Princess Sirikit (Thailand) , being invited as guest artist to international events, painting from my soul in a way I'd never done before, creating international art projects with governments and private companies, meeting and making wonderful friends everywhere...the list goes on.

Check out these three blog posts to see the scope of the journey for my exhibitions and also here: 1, 2, 3.

By 2012 I restarted a new company Ingrid Lee Enterprises figured out what I was doing, continued painting with more passion, exploring my truth, thinking and started to travel overseas and create my career.
As you read earlier, I have been working for 20 years as a professional artist and teacher among other things, so this all didn't happen in one day... it's been and still is a big adventure!LinkedIn Profile



See Ingrid's Demonstrations, Portfolio, Art and Creativity Education





So, even though I've been able to successfully bring flow back to my creativity and art career,

believe me when I say,

I understand, I've been there, I got very frustrated when I couldn't create

- especially to have everything I was so passionate about just die slowly- it wasn't just my art which was passing it was parts of me too.

I felt my momentum had passed.


I wasn't inspired any more

I couldn't connect

I was suddenly scared to paint in case I wrecked my work because I hadn't painted in so long

I had all sorts of excuses about time, space to work in etc

I still didn't have anything important to say

My work wasn't good enough and who would want to pay me for my art work when I'd been out of the industry for so long?


 Does this sound like you?

Are you wanting to learn how to get back into creative flow and be creative everyday?

Check out this 5 part video series called "What stops you creating?"


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