I found this beautiful image of orb spiders that I think will contribute towards my next porcelain piece on spiders.  I have two project pieces in mind for porcelain at the moment, one is the spider one I was planning a little while back, and the other will be to use the design I ditched for Funny Valentine.  Here's the photo for the spider anyway....now to think



Love this and the dew drops pic from the last post....the web detail is particularly fascinating...maybe a vase might suit better?


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  1. [...] have some dusted flowers to create, and I wanted to start planning my orb spiders paintings next.  I may do some porcelain for my exhibition in St Petersburg…not sure yet.  I still [...]

  2. [...] detail, and raised paste with gold.  I started planning an orb spider painting a while ago, see this post about spiders on porcelain.   The final exhibition vase will be published after the exhibition.  I really like the effects [...]

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