Every sight, smell and sound of St Petersburg was inspirational, and stirred my creativity to write poetry, draw sketches and ideas, so much so that each evening was spent sorting out my photo journals across twitpic albums and facebook in an attempt to organise my thoughts for later.

However there was one place which evoked a different feeling and inspiration, Catherine's Palace.  I had a great sense of calm despite the opulence and decadence of the many rooms dedicated to artworks, antiques and 'palace life.'  Maybe my sense of calm was due to a consistent state of amazement and wonder at the splendour of the gardens and grounds and grandeur of the palace 😉




But, there was one room which totally amazed me, at first I thought it was the mirrored ball room....

Ingrid Lee in the Mirror ball room


 A very unglamourous photo of me....but I had to take photos somehow!!!...and yes I know, the shoe covers are stunning 🙂

But then I walked into the Amber Room.  Here is a special photo of me in the Amber Room,  a complete chamber decoration of amber panels backed with gold leaf and mirrors.  This photo is special not only because of the beauty of the room itself, but because photos are not allowed to be taken- obviously I didn't take it, so I'm still a good girl 😉 but I greatly thank my friend for taking this picture all the same 😉  That room was simply breathtaking...walls, floors, ceiling, artwork...amber has such a magical sensation.



So how will this visit to Catherine's Palace influence my artwork?  These are photos which trigger ideas for me at the moment....

Largely colour, decoration and opulence are the main themes....


And I just had to end this post with Catherine the Great herself!

This dress was stunning!!! It's the same dress she's wearing in the painting (left).  The colours and materials used were amazing...and to think I walked through the palace where she did!!!!

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