This is an exciting time for me!!!!  Post-children-stuff-life painting! (maybe I could start a movement?! ;p)

I've been ruminating on a series of canvas pieces in acrylics for a few months now. They were inspired by this version of My Funny Valentine...while I'm not a fan of Sting ;)...this song had a massive emotional impact on me at the time...and still does, and stimulated a big process for change in my own mind set, strangely enough :).

It automatically conjured colours, shapes and forms, here are some preliminary sketches and ideas. From this version of Funny Valentine, I have in my mind two paintings.



I've also been thinking of listening to Miles Davis' version...  And I want to see what response I make to it, maybe I'll use my reponse to this version as a comparison.  I'll see.


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