A little while ago I was invited to be interviewed for a blog about art, beauty, home and inspiration by Kathy Clubb at A Beautiful Home.  It's always a pleasure to participate in interviews, especially when the questions are interesting and not what I regularly write about.  I was asked about my teaching, and how I juggle home and career with my art and business; here is an excerpt:

"Teaching is not about persuading, you either want to learn, or not. So my approach is to facilitate to change your mind-set to open your creative thinking processes and learning to trust yourself."  Ingrid Lee (2014)


You can read the whole interview here and get a bit more insight into my creative space 🙂


abeautifulhome.net interview with Ingrid Lee

abeautifulhome.net interview with Ingrid Lee

I regularly contribute to print magazines and online blogs or websites, or online print formats, see where I have featured lately here.

Currently, I write or am interviewed for a range of blogs, including her own, and magazine features on various topics including art, painting, porcelain, silk ribbon embroidery, baking and business consulting in the arts industry. 

  • Are you interested in writing an interview about me and my art or creative projects for your blog or magazine? 
  • Would you like me to write a tutorial for your blog, print magazine or other media related articles?
  • Do you think my art work or creative projects would look great with a feature on your website or other media promotions?  

If YES...please contact me here

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