Is this porcelain painting is more than decorating?

Sometimes our porcelain paintings are for decorative purposes or functional purposes or for art in itself.  With all professional porcelain painting, there is a high knowledge of art theory, technical skill and research which goes into creating beautiful works of art for whatever purpose they are.   But are we still only decorating an object rather than creating artworks?  Unlike ceramics, many porcelain painters do not create the porcelain they create on, just like many canvas painters do not weave the canvas they paint on- some do stretch it themselves 😉  and I don't think I've ever ventured into making my own paper to paint on...but I don't think the media we use to express ourselves on or with is wholly indicative of being art.   Porcelain painting still enables artists to express a part of themselves through a paint medium, which connects with an audience- just as canvas painting does.  The beauty and decadence of porcelain I think is that it can be highly decorative, and functional, and high quality art all in one, and if one is so fortunate, can eat a piece of cake from it!  I have yet to do this from a canvas painting 😉

While I'm not going to get into a big discussion over decorative art versus fine art or fine decorative arts, or what makes art, I am going to share with you how I create art on porcelain and canvas, as architectural interiors.  Whether this porcelain painting is more than decorating or not is up to my client or investor or anyone who loves what I create.  For myself, I create on porcelain because it allows me to express myself in ways that I can't on canvas- read more here.

Modern porcelain, architectural interiors...WHAT??

Firstly, modern porcelain for me is this......

Award winning porcelain vase, “Orchids- Purity of Love,” Ingrid Lee 2012, 40.6cm.

Award winning porcelain vase, “Orchids- Purity of Love,” Ingrid Lee 2012, 40.6cm.

 ‘Time will set us free, in the light of our dreams,’ Ingrid Lee 2013, porcelain plate 37cm

‘Time will set us free, in the light of our dreams,’ Ingrid Lee 2013, porcelain plate 37cm


Architectural interiors are, are some photos of my work which might give you a clue:

Modern porcelain and canvas interiors by Ingrid Lee

These paintings are "Ball and Chain", Ingrid Lee 2012, acrylic on more here.  The diptych of porcelain paintings is "Falling to Pieces I and II," Ingrid Lee, 2012, lustre, platinum and gold on porcelain.

Here is another photo.....see more here

Modern porcelain and canvas interiors by Ingrid Lee

 Porcelain plate, "Maybe it's love" by Ingrid Lee 2012, porcelain plate 38.1 cm, and canvas painting "Shadows of my Desire," Ingrid Lee 2012, acrylic on canvas 89/149 cm


Ok, so here is a little more info

My porcelain painting explores new techniques and pushes the boundaries of porcelain painting mediums to create innovative, unique and collectible porcelain art works.  And many of my porcelain art works complement or are an extension of a theme which I have created on canvas, thus creating a consistent styling and narrative of interiors for collectors of my work.

While my works are largely expressed in abstract expressionist style I see, feel and express colour as a totally sensory and personal experience.   All of my paintings, regardless of material or medium tell a story, that is, they create a narrative which transcends space- they can be on the wall or a table or cabinet all in one room or through a home or building.   My paintings become a collaborative experience or architectural interior which connect and resonate my concepts and art work with the investor and their environment.  This experience of connectedness is due results from my unique approach to colour and use of abstraction expressionism.

Read more about my work  here and here


So are the porcelain paintings I create more than decorating?  What do you think about porcelain painting being more than decoration in general, please share your comments below 🙂


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