Finally, I've started my "Funny Valentine" painting (canvas size is 24 " x 36"), which I posted the ideas for a few months ago...they were inspired by the Chris Botti/Sting version of "My Funny Valentine...see my post Inspired by "My Funny Valentine".

Thought I'd just share and document (very important as I have many interruptions of everyday life, and I forget what I'm thinking!!!)  a bit of the first painting stages....basically I have the music playing while I paint, and select the colours while thinking of two things:

  1. Maintaining intense under-painting in values that will show through and create the next layers of painting (See more about my technique) or check out my other post about creating intensity with complementary colours.
  2. Selecting colours which reflect how I feel as a direct response to the music.


The sketch I'm thinking and planning from for this stage of painting:

Here is the palette of colours using Matisse acrylic flow paints:  Magenta, Australian Yellow Green, Southern Ocean Blue (Phthalo Turquoise), Cobalt blue, Titanium White, Cadmium Red Medium.

A close up

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