How are you enjoying these videos so far? I hope you like today's painting journey, Letting loose on Day 5!

The weather is warm here in my studio, and the brightly coloured liliums are filling the room with a strong sweet heady scent, and I'm inspired to just let loose and relax into this painting.  The hot pinks and yellow are really engaging my focus everytime I work in my studio, so colour is going to be important.

Day 5 painting journey with Ingrid Lee at


Here is the video.....I really love this painting, and I think I'd like to do a small series of these on larger sheets of watercolour paper- after this journey is finished.  The smallest I usually paint on canvas is 100/100 cm so I'll be researching my options of papers.  This inspiration was an unexpected outcome, as well as the others I've shared in previous posts over the past few days.



I'm really enjoying the ability to share with so many of you, and the fact that I'm inspiring some of you to get creative- thanks for sharing your projects with me on linkedin, twitter, facebook.  The great thing about all of this experience are the open ended creative opportunities which are resulting because I'm only concentrating on the process of each painting- enjoying making the space and time to be happy and enjoy painting.  A wonderful feeling 😀


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  1. Jill Varga
    February 3, 2014 -

    I really like the way the inks flow down the background. Could this be replicated with lustres on porcelain? I think it may be difficult to keep the colours separate. I always end up with a lot flowing into each other, changing the colour.

    • February 4, 2014 -

      Hi Jill, yes to some degree it can be replicated with lustres. A month ago I was trialing similar techniques on porcelain. Lots of preplanning before you paint so that you know where the colours will go. Controlling the paint is the other challenge ;) The difference between lustre and ink/water colours is that one is spontaneous and flows with the immediate feelings and expereince. Lustres of course must be fired in between, so the resulting expression is always different, and so is the flow of the colour and brushwork.

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