Lustre daisies on porcelain tutorial

I started this plate a while ago, see tutorial for Lustres…as I described in that post, this daisies painting on a porcelain plate has been created by using left over lustres from other project.  I always have other plates or objects available so that my lustres don’t go to waste.  This week, I completed the plate, and I used up some burnishing gold paint that I was using for another project.  I love the turquoise colour of the lustre and the decorative effect of the platinum and gold work at the bottom.  I’m still practising taking photos of lustre work, as each angle captures a different light and colour- which is why I love working with these paints.

Lustre Daisies with platinum and burnishing gold on porcelain plate, Ingrid Lee 2012.


First firing: The daisies on this piece are wiped out with a brush and dampened paper towelling and fired.



Second Firing: Defining flowers with liquid platinum.


Daisy pen work in liquid platinum on porcelain- unfired



This is the result of the 2nd firing……you can see a change in colour as I raised the temperature saturation for this firing….also some extra platinum detail was added to bottom of plate.



Third Firing:  Burnishing gold pen work accents for definition.  You’ll see that the gold work and platinum sort of merge together, making it look like a more natural graduated highlight.  It is important that for any lustre work, that you ‘know’ your kiln and how it fires, as you can control a lot of the firing process and maturation of colour.

modern porcelain

Lustre Daisies with platinum and burnishing gold on porcelain plate, Ingrid Lee 2012.

Lustre Daisies with platinum and burnishing gold on porcelain plate, Ingrid Lee 2012.

Lustre Daisies with platinum and burnishing gold on porcelain plate, Ingrid Lee 2012.


See Roses in pen work using burnishing gold.

If you’re interested in learning how to paint with lustres, see more about masterclasses in porcelain :)

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Happy painting!

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7 Responses to Lustre daisies on porcelain tutorial

  • Cookie says:

    Thanks for Inspiring me to finish a piece very similar. I need to get back to it. I will post when finished. :)

  • Pat Alexander says:

    I have experimented with lusters just a bit and just on small pieces. I had not thought of wiping out with lusters! This looks like fun! You are so inspiring! >^..^<

    • Ingrid Lee says:

      Thanks Pat, it’s a fun technique…I’ll be teaching more of of my techniques on the online school- just getting the production sorted out and I’ll be ready to start some live classes shortly

  • Jill Varga says:

    I like this technique. However, sometimes I do not get the end result I am after as the lustres change colour on firing. Does firing more than one colour in the kiln at a time affect your work?

    • Ingrid Lee says:

      Hi Jill, thanks for your comments. Working with lustres requires a lot of trial and error, and keeping good records of firing results. I haven’t found that firing more than one colour in the kiln affects my work. I do reduce the firing temperatures and soak times depending on the result or colour I want to achieve. Overall I do reduce my firing temperatures for lustres usually by 10 degrees C, of course it depends on how many firings you will do. Most of my lustre work is fired a minimum of 6 to 12 times maximum. So I need to plan and adjust my firings accordingly to control the colour changes.

      Also, most of my work uses similar colours during the firings- I like to be economical with my paint ;) so I often paint a few pieces at a time if I know I’m working with the same colour. Perhaps that’s why I haven’t noticed a big difference of colours affecting the firings.
      I hope that helps.

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