This porcelain plate titled "Maybe It's Love" was exhibited in the non competition section of the International exhibit for the Thailand International Porcelain Painters Convention 2012.  This painting is part of a larger body of work called Destiny and Love.  The style of this painting is abstract expressionism, and uses a variety of techniques of onglaze paints, gold pen work, and raised paste with burnishing gold.

"Maybe It's Love" by Ingrid Lee 2012, porcelain plate 38.1 cm.


Background to the composition:

I have been fascinated with the communication of eyes for many years in art...I have a created many drawings of eyes over the years, some of which were used in my Gogol inspired painting which is still being exhibited in St Petersburg, Russia.

“Gogol's search for artist's truth" 2012, Ingrid Lee, acrylic on canvas, 104 x 104 cm

I also enjoy working in an abstract expressionist is one of my paintings Happy Love, completed in 2004 acrylic on canvas.

Happy Love, 2004 acrylic on canvas, Ingrid Lee


During my trip to Moscow this year I was inspired by the modern artworks I studied at the Museum of Private Collections near the Pushkin Museum.  I had some interesting conversations with one of the women who work at the gallery about the early soviet gouache and inks graphics and paintings which were placed under velvet covered glass cabinets.  Lifting each velvet cover revealed new wonders...of course I was inspired!

I was also recently inspired by many of the Kandinsky and Picasso paintings (too many other favourites to list and add photos here) which I saw in Moscow and also St Petersburg at the Erata Gallery when I went to a visit art galleries and museums with professional porcelain artist Alexei Nordin (during my 2012 trip to Russia and again during my 2011 trip).  This was not my only source of inspiration, there were many other modern art works in different art forms also.  After each trip, I made copious studies and notes from these gallery visits so I would not forget....a habit I have kept for many years.

Ingrid Lee in St Petersburg with Kandinsky painting 2012

And last year, during my first trip to St Petersburg in October 2011, we saw another of my favourite Kandinsky paintings:


So why translate my interpretations of a theme through abstract expressionism in acrylics to porcelain?  Well, thanks to a dear friend and big supporter of my work, I was encouraged to try I have released a new genie, and there are many more works I am completing now in such styles.  Porcelain offers a translucency which canvas cannot support; I can use the porcelain shape to stimulate or translate an idea that will parallel the theme- unlike canvas...and white gold is white gold, it's value is unsurpassed.  I simply love porcelain, and I'm free to express myself totally in my favourite medium; and paint more than flowers (see other painting styles of my porcelain painting here , here and here).


Porcelain Painting "Maybe it's Love"

The porcelain painting "Maybe it's Love" explores the initial emerging sensations of whether a couple is possibly in love, the journey of that process and the possible transition of new things to come.  The fleeting eye contact, electrical sensations from touch and interaction or communication.  It is a totally engulfing, merging, consuming, passionate time, hence represented by the colour and transparent layers of technique, only achievable for me on porcelain.  The translucency of porcelain painting I feel has enabled my to capture to multifaceted emotions one feels during this precarious time of possibly falling in love.

The use of gold line work not only reflects the abstract notions of the the concept of love itself, but it symbolises the stop starts of those feelings as they become it love, isn't it..maybe? possibly.

I am finishing a larger canvas painting on same concept, but different energy to communicate...I'll show you soon.

See my other award winning porcelain paintings from the TIPP 2012 here and here.

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  3. Di Curtin
    November 16, 2012 -

    Ingrid your work is absolutely fabulous, it was so great to meet with you in Thailand, pity we didn't have more time to chat. I love your explanations for your inspirational works, so interesting to read how you design your pieces. We were so proud of you winning prizes in Thailand, congratulations - so well deserved! Best wishes Di :)

    • November 16, 2012 -

      Thanks Di for you comments....yes, it was great to meet you also. I'm sure there will be time again to meet and chat :) The whole event was very condensed into a short amount of time, but I'm planning some new art works based on the experiences there. Do you have some pics from your booth that I can add to a blog post for ? I'll be writing some posts about the trip on that blog and would like to shout out APAT with links to the convention for next year for you. Just email me or message mee on fb...thanks again :)

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