If you remember about a month or so ago I was experimenting with some new lustres and techniques for roses on porcelain.

Here are a few of the techniques I enjoyed from this experiment:


So, I designed a series of plates with the roses (drawing click here), the roses are all studies from my garden, I was going to exhibit these, but I changed my idea mid way again! So I didn't...but here are the results of the firings:

The result after the first firing.  The roses were completed in Pink and Ruby, the white rose and leaves are in Yellow.

A close up of one of the plates, this is all one firing:

I've added background foliage in light blue lustre.

Still with the masking laqueur, whole view of the background layer of foliage

After the 2nd Firing, I love the blue, and I wish the yellow stayed that glorious colour...but, oh well! 😉

3rd Firing: Layer of White and Turquoise lustre on background, and leaves have been detailed with dark green and green.  The roses had a wash of rose or white or carmine, depending on the actual flower.

I like the effects in the leaves

I have one more, (maybe!) firing left to do, which is to add the detail to the leaves and roses, deepen parts of the background.  I'm happy with some of the effects....I'll share the final firing shortly.  I want to try a more watercolour effect next time, using the lustres; this will be a challenge as there is nothing to absorb the paint while it merges, and some lustres will fire out another or not do anything. So I have a few techniques up my sleeve which I'm going to try out.  Then I want to combine style lustre work with the gold paste work and pen work from a previous porcelain painting....I think then my idea will be ready for exhibition 😉

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  1. Pat Alexander
    June 25, 2014 -

    Ingrid, I love your luster rose plates! I would love to see this as an online class ;)

  2. May 26, 2012 -

    It's beautiful, Ingrid. I always love seeing each firing. I have not tackled lusters yet....still trying to master gold! lol

    • May 30, 2012 -

      Thanks Marilyn, lustres are fun...I hope you enjoy them when you give them a go!

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