NEW UPDATE about my canvas painting exhibition in St Petersburg, Russia in December 2012!!!!!

Firstly, it was fantastic to win a bronze medal and another award for my porcelain painting this weekend, at the Thailand International Porcelain Painters Convention 2102. Read more here.

So, what's happening with my exhibition in Russia? Well, my canvas paintings are still in a group exhibition in St Petersburg for another week or so here, and then they are being exhibited on December 4, 2012 to open a charity exhibition to contribute to the International Charitable Fund of Vladimir Spivakov. My paintings, are presented to secular public, CEOs of major companies, representatives of industry and the fashion-art business.

Here is the translated image, click the link below or the image to go to the original.

For more details, follow this link:
Contact Anastasia Matvienko, (812) 981-10-21, .
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