Next layers of painting "Funny Valentine"....I've run out of paint (more is coming next week) AND I've hit a wall with the mid section of the painting.


I know what I want behind the female figure (right side of canvas), and I know what I need to finish on the male figure (left side of canvas) for this layer of painting, but I don't want to do any of those parts until I fix the mid a bit of brain fog and what I want to say isn't coming out- because I'm thinking too many layers ahead.  So maybe it was fortunate that I ran out of paint, I'll give Sting and Chris Botti a rest *lol* ;p.

Happy with part so far, I know where it's going.....

This photo below is the correct lighting, and is a true reflection of the colours



Now I'll start a ribbon embroidery piece and unlock my brain, get thinking about something else for a while, until my paints arrive, then I'll attack it again.

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