Here is a porcelain plate with an orb spider design...this is the last part of my experimentation process before I complete my final design for another exhibition piece for Thailand.  The final piece will be of  Orb spiders  on a porcelain vase.   The design of orb spiders is painted with lustres in the background, platinum detail, and raised paste with gold.  I started planning an orb spider painting a while ago, see this post about spiders on porcelain.   The final exhibition vase will be published after the exhibition.  I really like the effects created with the lustres on this plate.  The backgrounds which I paint with lustres have to reflect the final subject matter...they are not so random 🙂  My last piece lustred daisies on porcelain was also looking at contrasts of effects...I am now happy with which techniques I will use on my exhibition piece for Thailand.

I enjoy working with paste, especially the sculptural qualities.

Here you can see a close up the paste work before the gold was applied:


This sculptural technique reminds me of when I studied pottery...I recently connected with my ceramic/pottery teacher from high school on facebook, which was lovely.  She still has my set of lino prints (it was a set of five prints which told the story of unrequited love in a medieval setting) which she bought from me, I think I was about 16 years old when I made them...and I signed them, which she commented was a bonus!  The wonderful part of my creativity which I learned from her was to push the boundaries of the medium I was working with.  I was surprised she remembered my relief wall sculpture I made of Van Gogh's painting The Postman, we were studying Impressionism in Art at the time, so I applied this design of impressionism to my pottery class (Sandra did you take a photo? I didn't keep a photo of it, this plaque was mounted to a wooden plaque and hung in our corridor at home for years, and I think it dropped 🙁  ).  I still remember in my pottery classes, creating sculptures from clay, and being given free reign of the glazes cupboard, keeping a log book and experimenting with the powders and techniques (much to the dislike of other teachers...but I thank you Sandra 🙂 )

Of course with all of my paintings and experiments I still keep a diary in books and videos on my i-phone, I've written about this process before...but it's really important to keep notes.  I use this blog as a visual aide for me too to keep notes on, as well as share my studio with you 🙂


See the completed vase exhibited in Thailand..."Nature Of Orb Spiders"



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  1. October 3, 2012 -

    Beautiful Japanese Art, thanks for the post Here,a very nice Japanese Gallery in Paris (France) Yakimono Paris

    • October 3, 2012 -

      Hello Pierre, thanks for liking my work! I have checked your fan page on facebook. My porcelain will be on exhibition in Thailand in November. I hope you will like to see the finished paintings.

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