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Update on Thailand International Porcelain Painting Convention 2015.

Looks like 2015 will be a big one, I’m in Asia for a few weeks and later in Europe at the end of the year.  And the exciting news is that the promotions for next year’s big event in Thailand have begun for the Thailand International Porcelain Painting Convention 2015!  I was invited as one of 8 world class porcelain artists to be guest artist at the Thailand International Porcelain Painting Convention  (Read more here).

Here is an excerpt from  “The world’s long-awaited porcelain painting and artistic works exhibition, the Thailand International Porcelain Painting Convention (“TIPP 2015″), is now back on track. The event is guaranteed to be one that cannot be missed based not only on its past success, but by the planned gathering of world-class porcelain painting artists in one exhibition. More than 200 of the finest porcelain painting… Continue reading

What did I paint in Sweden?

 During my masterclasses in Sweden, I painted two etudes during my demonstrations of acrylic painting techniques in abstract expressionism. The first painting was an expression about my first experiences of Sweden and meeting my wonderful friend and artist Turid Wassenius.  Turid made me feel very welcomed in her home, and her hospitality, generosity and kindness were heartfelt.  Both she and her husband Tomas ensured I got a little taste of Sweden- even watching ice hockey ;)  during my visit.

Artists and teachers Ingrid Lee and Turid Wassenius

Artists and teachers Ingrid Lee and Turid Wassenius

As soon as I entered my room, I was greeted by this beautiful vase filled with forget-me-nots, which was a very sweet and welcoming gesture, and made me feel at home….and so the inspiration began.


Forget me not flowers

Forget me not flowers


The first masterclass was Express you soul through paint, and my experiences of Sweden and Turid were those which I explored… Continue reading

Sweden, skål and some art

For the month of May I was in Europe, sharing experiences of art and painting, promoting art projects, visiting galleries and exhibitions, private studies and getting inspired.  I’ll start this blog post with sharing my first adventures in Sweden, skål and some art…well lots of amazing art really- read on!


Ingrid Lee with artist and teacher Turid Wassenius


I stayed in Trollhättan which is an amazing place….my first visit to Sweden looked like this:

Master classes in Sweden with Ingrid Lee 2014

My view every morning from Turid’s kitchen while we ate breakfast

I loved the calm, beautiful forests, and different forest smells, fabulous green colours- the colours in particular were very inspiring.



During my forest walks I came across these black snails- in Australia ours are a grey green colour.  During our skype chats, my daughter kept asking about whether the insects and creatures are different in Sweden to… Continue reading

Interview with Ingrid Lee on blog A Beautiful Home

A little while ago I was invited to be interviewed for a blog about art, beauty, home and inspiration by Kathy Clubb at A Beautiful Home.  It’s always a pleasure to participate in interviews, especially when the questions are interesting and not what I regularly write about.  I was asked about my teaching, and how I juggle home and career with my art and business; here is an excerpt:

“Teaching is not about persuading, you either want to learn, or not. So my approach is to facilitate to change your mind-set to open your creative thinking processes and learning to trust yourself.”  Ingrid Lee (2014)


You can read the whole interview here and get a bit more insight into my creative space :) interview with Ingrid Lee interview with Ingrid Lee

I regularly contribute to print magazines and online blogs or websites, or online print formats, see… Continue reading

Approaches to painting abstract and expressionism with acrylics.

Shortly I’ll be in Sweden sharing experiences of my techniques and approaches to painting abstract and expressionism with acrylics.  I haven’t been to Sweden before, so it’s an exciting first trip which I’m really looking forward to seeing how I will be creatively inspired by this journey- and I plan to visit some galleries while I’m there too and fit in some private study time. In this post, I wanted to share some information about these types of courses, because it’s not all about randomly splashing the canvas with paint!  I’ll be also sharing one of my latest paintings which also serve as a class sample.

"Pure Soul Beats" Ingrid Lee 2014, acrylic on canvas 61.5/87cm

“Pure Soul Beats” Ingrid Lee 2014, acrylic on canvas 61.5/87cm.


Masterclasses in Abstract and expressionist painting

Any of my painting master classes- whether on porcelain or canvas, is focused on practice into theory- so what does that mean? Well my approach… Continue reading

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