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Letting loose on Day 5 painting journey

How are you enjoying these videos so far? I hope you like today’s painting journey, Letting loose on Day 5!

The weather is warm here in my studio, and the brightly coloured liliums are filling the room with a strong sweet heady scent, and I’m inspired to just let loose and relax into this painting.  The hot pinks and yellow are really engaging my focus everytime I work in my studio, so colour is going to be important.

Day 5 painting journey with Ingrid Lee at


Here is the video…..I really love this painting, and I think I’d like to do a small series of these on larger sheets of watercolour paper- after this journey is finished.  The smallest I usually paint on canvas is 100/100 cm so I’ll be researching my options of papers.  This inspiration was an unexpected outcome, as well as the others I’ve shared in previous posts over the… Continue reading

Are you looking for something new to embroider?

Are you looking for something new to embroider?

If you answer is yes, then read on…I think you’ll love these inspiring designs- AND I think you’ll love the special event which you’re invited to at the bottom of this post!

If you don’t embroider, but love to be inspired by beautiful creations, or maybe you do crazy quilting or other forms of sewing where you could use some beautiful designs, then this post will appeal to you too….and of course you are welcomed to the special event…read on :)   you never know, you might be inspired to learn how!

Here is a sample of what I’m talking about:

Pink Bliss fabric print by Ingrid Lee on Etsy IngridCreates

Pink Bliss fabric print by Ingrid Lee on Etsy IngridCreates

I have designed a range of fabric prints especially for embroidery and embellishment…this art project has taken over 18 months to develop.

Ribbon Embroidery by Ingrid Lee

Fabric print Floral Delight by Ingrid Lee on Etsy IngridCreates

Fabric print Floral Delight by Ingrid Lee on Etsy IngridCreates… Continue reading

Day 4 and I’m creating an old favourite

So it’s Day 4 and I’m creating an old favourite.  Thanks if you have been following each day, I really appreciate .it, and again thanks for all the lovely comments about how it’s inspiring your to share your ideas and create…it’s a great feeling when you can share your joy of creativity.

Day 4 painting journey with Ingrid Lee

Today I decided to use a technique I played around with as a teenager, I loved working with pen and ink (see current pen work on porcelain here and here) especially gold ink on black paper.  I played around with art nouveau styles of designs and copying old lithographs, and Albrecht Durer’s work.  As I mentioned in the video, I’m pretty tired today, so I wanted to create something which just flowed with ease, deciding on a very stylised technique of painting the liliums.  I felt really relaxed after it actually.

Here… Continue reading

Day 3 painting and feeling alive!

It’s Day 3 painting and I’m feeling alive! I’m really enjoying this process, I got a great energy bubbling inside and it’s setting me in a good frame of mind to get on with my work for the day.  At the moment, I’m doing these videos in the morning, because it’s when I have the best lighting, and least distractions.

Day 3 painting journey with Ingrid Lee

I’m tempted to deepen the pink, but these are etudes, so I’ll leave it as is….maybe ;)

A big thank you to all of you who are following me on this journey- it’s a pleasure for me to share this with you and inspire you, thank you for all of your lovely comments and sharing of this post on twitterpinterest, linkedinGoogle+, facebookyoutube and email.  It’s an extra boost of happiness shared, and… Continue reading

Join me for Day 2- Creative journey, drawing

Just finished Day 2 of my Creative journey, which is drawing.  If your unsure of what this is all about, read yesterday’s’ blog post here.  After yesterday I was on a real buzz- I couldn’t sleep! I just wanted to keep creating :) So I achieved my goal on the first day, and I was thrilled to feel that flow of energy and breathe creativity!

Day 2 Creative journey 2014 with Ingrid Lee

Day 2 Creative journey 2014 with Ingrid Lee

So, what did I do today?

Today was about drawing, and I hadn’t drawn like this since I was a teenager- in this style anyway.  It brought back good feelings of that space I made back then and when I really loved art because it was exciting and I was practicing all different styles of work- nice memory.  Not to say I don’t enjoy what I do now, but I think a… Continue reading

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