I was so inspired by the violets which are flowering in my rose bed....it's about the only flowering apart from some Italian Lavender.  But I simply adore violets, and have painted them in different art forms, see my links to my Ingridcreates.com blog and here. 

Paint the background on muslin with acrylic paints, and embroider the violets  on top.  Here are the videos on my youtube channel explaining a detailed tutorial on how to handpaint these.  In this post I've included a pictorial step by step,  of how to hand paint on fabric for your ribbon embroidery.


Painted violets on fabric for embroidery


Here is the link to the photo of violets on my twitpix album.   This is the PDF file for the drawing used for this painting.


Video 1: How to hand paint violets on fabric Part 1



Video 2: How to hand paint violets on fabric Part 2

Video 3: How to hand paint violets on fabric Part 3

Video 4: How to hand paint violets on fabric Part 4

Here are some other pictures of violets

I hope you have enjoyed this series of tutorials. If you have any questions, please ask in the comments ;)   Don’t forget to like and share with friends you think will enjoy this post!



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  1. Fathi
    October 27, 2016 -

    Hii i love your works i would like to know name of paint u use for ribbon embroidery background, any specific brands name of painting? Thank you

    • October 28, 2016 -

      I just use my regular artist quality acrylic paints, if you use cheap paint, the colour will not be fine and transparent for painting on fabric.

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