OMG!! Lots of things are happening at the moment, travel is on the cards and exhibiting is the next step.
So what am I going to paint?

It's been a long while since I've painted for myself...apart from doing things for the family (like Easter or celebration items) and kids (See my Youtube Channel for their wall murals), I'm starting to get back to my other life, but in a new way.
I've kept a paper journal of thoughts and sketches and poems and things I've thought about over the years, I might share them here, I haven't decided how open I"m going to be here on this blog yet.
Many of the sketches and poems over the past few years reflected entering the world of pregnancy and motherhood, but I don't know if I really need to communicate those now, I think that time for me has passed.  This was the last piece I did, of myself in early pregnancy. I was about 3 months pregnant here and HUGE.  I felt distorted, disgusting, ugly, horrible, I was very ill (it's when my formal diagnosis of fibromyalgia happened), I was carrying a boy and the hormones were making me nuts, I was newly married, lots of other stuff 😉 , we were building a new house and life was just crazy as I was dealing head on with so much.

This painting was completed in inks, with acrylic paint and graphite pencil on laminated watercolour board.

Impact, 2005 Ingrid Lee. Ink, Acrylic, Graphite Pencil on Laminated watercolour board 60 x 90 cm

Needless to say I absolutely hated being pregnant, and I think this painting reflects my emotional and psychological state at the time.  I didn't have the perfect baby body exploded out of control- my stomach, breasts and everything just did it's own thing...I couldn't recognise myself. Looking at that painting now, I can't recognise myself!!!  My whole body and life was changing and I didn't see it or anything in my world at that time as my own.  Seriously when I look at this painting now...that's not even me or the form of what I look like, it's so foreign and distorted to me...thank god my bits and pieces moved back into place!! 😉  I should put a warning on this painting for women thinking of having babies so it doesn't turn them off!!! ha ha ha 🙂


I didn't get to start the painting of when I was pregnant with my daughter, as I was more sick during that pregnancy and developed lupus, I still had another child at home, but I have photos, journals and quick studies to work from, when I get the inspiration to complete it.

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