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Sharing the videos of wall murals I painted for my children's bedrooms based on an underwater theme and jungle theme. I don't think there is any surface I don't paint on...see my youtube channel for more videos. However, creating my children’s bedrooms has been a fantastic experience.  Both wall murals have been  painted with artists' acrylics, and coated in acrylic varnish to seal the wall.  In the videos you can see that I have free hand drawn the basic designs to the wall- I use a watercolour pencil, and then develop the work with paint layers next.

Underwater wall mural for my daughter's bedroom
I wanted to paint a larger sized mermaid on the wall, you might see an under painting of one in the video, but I decided it might be too scary to have a person-like image on the wall for my daughter. I loved the castle in the bottom painting, and created my own coral castle, which my daughter has been making up stories about already 🙂
The design developed as my daughter started to learn to talk more, and she was telling me what type of marine life she wanted on her wall, the colours and so on. Needless to say she LOVES it!!!
I’ve tried to show the basic progress of the wall mural over the time of the project, and there’s a little more detail in a post I’d written about how to paint the turtle.

Jungle theme wall mural for my son's bedroom

I chose a jungle theme, because at the time my son loved a show on tv called It’s a Big Big World, which is set in a rainforest jungle.   So I took the idea for the overall wall design, from the tree sloth who lives in a tree house high up in the jungle canopies:

I researched images of jungle animals, to include in the design, which I painted in a picture story book style rather than realistically, so that the animals wouldn’t be too scary.

If you have any questions about these wall murals, please leave your comments in the box below 🙂

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  1. Melita Bilan
    February 19, 2012 -

    all your works is more than beautiful,expecially porcelain,I like art on porcelain so much and I have so much question fot you about of porcelain.Thanks for this site,it's wonderful,I painting all except porcelain and I hope this year I will learn it finally....thank you very much

    • February 20, 2012 -

      THanks Melita for visiting my site. I'm glad you enjoy my work. Please ask about porcelain on my fan page and I will answer your questions :) Porcelain painting is a wonderful art, I hope you enjoy it.

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