International artist, Ingrid Lee paints as a colourist, her works are largely created in abstract and expressionist styles with acrylics or mixed media.  Ingrid explains that:

'colour is the primary way I communicate my thinking and feeling, so I have a few ways that I express myself, either on porcelain or on canvas or paper.  In terms of selecting the medium I use for a painting, I am experienced to know the limitations of my medium and what will work.  And I know which type of paint or surface I can work on to push the boundaries of the product in order to communicate an idea  effectively and explore them further.  This is the process I find most exciting and rewarding because it is dynamic and always changing and a process of discovery.'

Ingrid H Lee, artist

Ingrid paints with high quality artist’s acrylics, an Australian brand of paint, known for its bright and intense chroma.  Many of the techniques she uses with acrylics are methods from my oil painting experiences and combining them with my glazing techniques of porcelain and ink painting.  Ingrid's unique painting method enables her to slowly build up layers of colour and ideas to communicate feelings, ideas, and most importantly a connection.

Ingrid also paints with mixed media including ink, graphite pencils, textural pastes or gouache work for ideas that require a more linear communication which requires more than colour and transparency, and not a shiny surface like porcelain.  The colour of ink glazes and painting techniques intensifies the ideas, and these art works are usually designed with figurative drawings or other linear work.

Essentially Ingrid's paintings and themes of art work create a story, through the style of abstract expresssionism.  Ingrid contends that abstraction enables her to tell her personal story, understanding and thinking with great power, energy and life…it is totally experiential, and thus each painting is unique.  She finds that realistic forms and shapes are often limiting to sharing her experience or the immediate flow of ideas and emotions.

For example, in the exhibitions about St Petersburg or Thailand, these paintings convey her immediate feelings as she experienced them for the first time.

At times Ingrid uses compositions with landscapes or figures, however, they are there to set her story, a time or a place in order to orientate the painting with clarity.


"Stop and celebrate the pause," Ingrid Lee, 2013. Acrylic on canvas 91.5/152.5 cm

"Stop and celebrate the pause," Ingrid Lee, 2013. Acrylic on canvas 91.5/152.5 cm

Landscapes- Evaporating my fears, Ingrid Lee 2013, acrylic on canvas 120/92 cm

Expressionist landscapes on canvas and updates

'New paintings: Expressionist landscapes. Here are two of my latest canvas paintings; these paintings, and maybe one more, are exploring the journey of finding peace of mind....'

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Ingrid Lee painting about Catherine's Palace

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'As Petals Fall' by Ingrid Lee, 2012


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