Lately,  I have been looking at integrating elements of line or pen work into my modern lustre and gold paintings on porcelain...especially since completing the roses in penwork, I'm enjoying the techniques of creating contrast and depth with these techniques.  I was particularly inspired by the effects of line work techniques from my trip to St Petersburg in April/May this year.  I enjoyed studying the lithographs at Peterhof, we could not take photos, but these studies are etched in my mind as it were 😉   I've always enjoyed reproducing line work, much of my early studies in school and later reproductions onto porcelain was of Durer's works and reproducing lithographs of Elizabeth I, as well as Escher.


Here is gold penwork for "Fearless" the gold work represents the auspiciousness of the concepts presented in the theme, which are discussed in a blog soon.  The gold line work for this is more freeform.

So for my current exhibition work on porcelain, I will be using elements of line/pen work in burnishing gold on some of the paintings,  I will post photos of the completed paintings soon 🙂




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