Planning design for porcelain vase- Thailand Exhibition

My life and work as an artist is busy- sometimes crazy busy, but at the moment I'm planning commissioned art work, preparing for different exhibitions and still developing portfolio work, while running a business, writing and preparing masterclasses.....and I love it ūüôā ¬†And I'd like to thank you for your interest in joining me on my creative journey, and reading these blog posts and supporting the fan pages with your comments- I truly appreciate it.

In this post I'll share one of the ideas I have for planning my porcelain pieces to exhibit at the Thailand Porcelain Convention.  There are four pieces I need to exhibit for the  Thailand International Porcelain Painting Convention 2012 .  I only want to do one piece themed with flowers for this exhibition, and I love all flowers so it's always difficult.  However it has been suggested to me to paint orchids.  I've been researching information about Thailand for a few months now in terms of national flowers, the Royal family and folk tales, listening to Thai music in search of muse for my exhibition pieces.

I purchased this book on Thai Tales, Folktales of Thailand ,by Suapaporn Vathanaprida.I have enjoyed reading these tales...Thai folklore is rich with epic tales and shorter prose about magic, life, morals, Buddhist beliefs, and general philosophy about life and solving it's big problems.  These tales are often humorous, and bestow a feeling great heart in their messages.  In particular I've enjoyed the allegorical tales, my children have enjoyed reading them too.  I really look forward to visiting Thailand.


It is important for me to understand more about a culture through their art, literature and music so as to 'feel' and express these interpretations into my art work; this is how I create anyway ūüėČ - especially since one of the paintings must be one theme about Thailand (see the planning for my exhibition to St Petersburg). ¬†I will paint a piece which reflects Thailand more specifically also.

So, orchids on porcelain...I've been researching the hundreds of different colours and types of orchids over the past few weeks, this morning I got flower overload with too many ideas!)



I've decided to use this orchid painting, not only for this exhibition, but also as part of my current series on Destiny and Love, so that was the first premise for designing this piece.  I love the language of flowers- in my early art career this theme was featured a lot (See my Iris painting)  and the message behind orchids is complex and mixed.   In general, the orchid is a symbol of luxury, sensuality, mystery and passion.  So I aim to represent these qualities in the design.

The shape of the porcelain piece is also very important because I want it to reflect one of the personal connections I have to orchids, which is their movement and flow as they grow (I tried growing them, but I wasn't successful...maybe a hobby for when family life is not so time consuming).


I purchased some beautiful porcelain recently from Interdec Australia, so I will use this vase which is 16" (40.6 cm)


The shape has enough surface area to carry my design.  Most importantly as an object, it has a lot of movement itself which will compliment the theme and design of this art work.   To represent the symbols of  luxury, sensuality, mystery and passion, I will be researching orchids that I can use to contrast with shape and colour for passion.  Sensuality will come from the line elements and forms used, as well as the colour contrasts between different varieties of orchids.  Of course there will be gold work...I fell in love with the gold in Catherine's Palace...and I'm sure I'm going to enjoy seeing the gold work in are some photos of reference..

Thai art gold painting | Stock Photo © Nuttakit Sukjaroensuk

The Grand Palace, Courtesy Alana Ralph

So, there's plenty to think about!  Lots to be inspired by...and I'm really looking forward to this trip to Thailand.

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  3. Lisa Kos
    August 25, 2012 -

    Very interesting Ingrid; to read your artistic journey. Thank you for sharing it. I will look forward to seeing your finished piece. What month is the exhibition?

    • August 25, 2012 -

      Hi Lisa, thanks for your comments :D The exhibition is in November 7th -11th, 2012.

  4. August 25, 2012 -

    Hope you will share pics along the way. I'm a novice at porcelain painting. For me, vases and pitchers are the hardest pieces to design. Can't wait to see your, Ingrid.

    • August 25, 2012 -

      Thanks Marilyn, because they are for exhibition I might not be able to share too much, but I'll see what I can do ;)

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