At the moment I'm planning new artworks for canvas, ribbon embroidery and porcelain...too many ideas and not enough time.

New canvas work is for my exhibition in St Petersburg next year...I have finished assembling photos for to find music, then re-read some of Gogol's stories, find the poetry I wrote while I was in Russia in October (I'm still looking for it)...and then a day or two of isolation to plan and think!!

Porcelain...I have some dusted flowers to create, and I wanted to start planning my orb spiders paintings next.  I may do some porcelain for my exhibition in St Petersburg...not sure yet.  I still have some porcelain shoes which I want to incporate with ribbon embroidery and tie in the rococco them I'm inspired by at the moment.

Ribbon embroidery I have the ideas organised...and today I had this video shared with me of one of my favourite female artists, Marie Louise Élisabeth Vigée Lebrun famous artist of her time, who also painted Marie Antoinette...I'm going to hunt down her biography or something if I can, I'd love to know more about her.   But I want to capture the feel of her works in my next series of large ribbon embroideries.  I was also inspired by the gorgeous rococco artwork and rooms when I visited Catherine's we shall see what comes of this all.

Chair in Catherine's Palace

Among a heap of other ideas I'm putting on hold, I have these to get through first.

I'm also organising my projects for my Masterclasses for next year...I wonder if I can function on 5.5 hours sleep??


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  1. […] chapter on her initial journey and seven year stay in St Petersburg- a total surprise to me, as I intially wanted to read her memoirs to get a greater feel for the rococco time from a female artis…ve.  But I was surprised with more! She met with and painted Catherine II's portrait and many […]

  2. Wendy Maxwell
    January 3, 2012 -

    Hi Ingrid Thank you so much for posting the video of such magnificent artwork. It's simply STUNNING!! I wonder why I haven't heard of such a master artist ... She's every bit as good as the other masters ... if not BETTER!! The shading, how she shows all the folds ... the fine lace, skin shades, etc. Her attention to the finest details is magnificent. I'd adore to visit that palace one day & see those paintings in real life. Have you noticed that ladies in those days didn't appear to have any eyelashes? I wonder why? Even in paintings today, without mascara, eyelashes show up. The palace reminded me of the Palace of Versailles .... I don't know what was the most impressive in that palace .. the gardens, or the interior ... I also loved the little chair ... so sweet. Cheers, Wendy (from Oz) BTW Thank you for answering my question about the veins on the pansy petals. :)

    • January 3, 2012 -

      Hi Wendy, I agree! I am reading her memoirs at the moment...I'll blog about that soon- she went to St Petersburg too, which was even more exciting for me to read about! Regarding the eyelashes, I suppose it depends on the artist as to the impression they wish to my age, my eyelashes are starting to fall out a lot (for other reasons also), but maybe that could be a reason too...they may not have been as prominent....I might ask some portrait painting friends of mine their opinion :) I am busy now to create artworks based on my impressions and other research of St Petersburg....I always try and get back to readers' comments ASAP! :) thanks again for visiting

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