Preparation for my Russian exhibition Part 2, a collection of my thoughts, poems,¬†journal notes during my trip to St Petersburg, how this trip impacted on me and got me thinking differently- love metacognition ūüėȬ† The photos in this post trigger certain things for me, so they may not reflect what is written.


It was the coldest day during my train ride to Tsarskoye Selo, Pushkin and I had time to reflect and process about how my trip to Russia was impacting upon me and trying to understand my experience.  This time was about half way through my short trip to St Petersburg, but I had experienced so much concentrated in a short time- people, sites, art, ballet, a different life...I was an active participant in my journey, not just an observer.

 Movement of Change, Ingrid Lee

The movement of change,

To be in a place within oneself where you can be you.

Not fear being you.

Not pretending to please or impress.

To accept yourself and just allow things to be as they are.

Not to push for more, but allow it to occur.

It is how it is.

All fine.


 "Overall, this was a journey upon which I tried not to have too many expectations- but this was difficult!  How can I not be excited to come home, yet leave home??  An interesting state of happiness upon the notion of Coming home and leaving home."


"I think that this journey is the catalyst I need to lift myself and move up and out of my mire.  Because really there are a lot of attachments- not all mine which are lingering without real purpose...and the biggest part of this is that I have the time and space to sit back and get fulfillment, which has allowed me to digest and process the rest of my constraints and what is important.  My mind is racing though while I write, and behind the words is like a subliminal dynamism of fractal connections as look and see the local people on the train, reading, being, the colours, smells, and energy.

I have had the time to think about what is important to me, and what is hindering my time away from my creativity.  In my head I hear Neil Finn singing "Stripping back the coats no lies and deceptions...back to nothingness like a week in the desert."

so now it is emerging....I need to make changes, do it, live it to create it and fulfill it."



"The smallest things which are done for us can fill the biggest part of our heart." Ingrid Lee

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