Princess, Party and Porcelain in Thailand 2015

Princess, Party and Porcelain in Thailand 2015...what an adventure!  While many of you will have seen the album of photos on my facebook profile and fan pages, there is always a story behind the pics.  I'm going to share some of the most memorable experiences of this amazing event in Thailand, and hopefully it might inspire you to come along to the next TIPP event at the SACICT centre.  So to start, YES I met HRH Princess Sirindhorn, shared and presented my work, YES there were a few after work parties and a Royal Gala dinner- that was almost like a party 😉 and YES there was LOTS of porcelain.

The hotel we stayed at was perfect, the staff were lovely, cocktails and food were amazing, and the whole dining expereince at breakfast and dinner was breathtaking- LOVED IT!!!   The architectural focus on the building was inpsiring, lvoed the art work in the foyer, and it was a very restful place to come home to.  I think you can tell from the pictures.  Thanks to everyone at Sala Hotel in Ayutthaya.

Sala Hotel in Ayutthaya.

view of temple from Sala Hotel in Ayutthaya.

Ingrid Lee at Sala Hotel in Ayutthaya. Food at Sala Hotel in Ayutthaya. Food at Sala Hotel in Ayutthaya. IMG_8948

Yes, another cocktails time pic...

Our room was to the left...the perfect place to sit during our evening wind down time

Sala Hotel in Ayutthaya.

I loved the art and architectural features of the Sala Hotel, it was the perfect setting to open the creative mind 🙂




TIPP 2015

I was invited last year as a guest artist to attend this amazing event (See here), and it was more than I expected. My role as a guest artist involved many opportunities, the first was to participate in judging the art work presented to the international porcelain exhibit:

Ingrid Lee guest judge art exhibition

Introduction at the judging panel

Ingrid Lee guest judge art exhibition


During the judging with fellow guest artist Edna Kannan and husband Manu Paque

Ingrid Lee and Edna Kannan guest judge art exhibition


We also received a beautiful hand painted frame by Benjarong artists during the opening ceremony of the TIPP event.  This was particularly special as we were presented our gifts by H.E. Privy Councillor Professor Tanin Kraivixien which was an absolute honour.



I also conducted three porcelain painting demonstrations, all about different areas of lustre painting which feature in my new book which will be published shortly (more information about that at the end of this post).  These demonstrations were really fun, and it was great to meet different artists and porcelain enthusiasts from around the world.


Ingrid Lee porcelain demonstrations

Ingrid Lee porcelain demonstrations Ingrid Lee porcelain demonstrations Ingrid Lee porcelain demonstrations

Finishing off some gold work paintings at my booth

Ingrid Lee porcelain demonstrations


I had some time to see other demonstrations by Japanese Guest artist Akira Yamada, who has distinctive skill of porcelain painting in traditional Japanese style.

Japanese Guest artist Akira Yamada,

Japanese Guest artist Akira Yamada,

Japanese Guest artist Akira Yamada,

I was also privileged to work with amazing staff and liason support at SACICT for this event, who were highly professional and not only helped with translations, but also our overall participation through photo rehearsals for the official photos with HRH Princess Sirindhorn and other events...and our extra curricular activities in Thailand 🙂 They really made this event fun and a pleasurable environment to work in, and I cannot thank them enough for their diligence.




A special thanks to Nattida <3



Catching up at conventions is one of my favourite parts!

This exhibition was a wonderful opportunity to catch up with old friends, and many artists whom I met at the 2012 TIPP event, as well as the other international guest artists, and make new friends...and I really wish I had more time to chat with everyone and see their beautiful works:



My dearest sis, Yumiko and I together again (see our time together in Thailand TIPP 2012)

Yumiko Kanazawa and Ingrid Lee



A big hello and thanks to these lovely women from Mumbai who came to visit, say hello and see my demonstrations, it's always lovely to meet people from facebook in person!

10408038_849319688461289_2653595142931447132_n 10390232_456368087851659_8750447812083355093_n



The beautiful exhibition by the Bangsai porcelain artists and Master teacher and artist Helga Jaermann is always outstanding and inspirational.

10268430_10205903430482312_4438249184856306819_n 10314524_10205912415226925_1209919036658457188_n

11062330_10205912416346953_7107678538191809688_n 10411016_10205912415906942_8472386831159383516_n


More beautiful paintings at the TIPP exhibition, and I was very inspired by the beautiful galleries and museum exhibits at the SACICT centre:




Meeting HRH Princess Sirindhorn and the Royal Gala Dinner 

L-R: Edna Kannan, Rigoberto Huanchicay Barcos, Paula Collins, Ingrid Lee

L-R: Edna Kannan, Rigoberto Huanchicay Barcos, Paula Collins, Ingrid Lee, guest artists at TIPP convention 2015


The Royal Gala dinner was fantastic, and it was a joy to see Kieko Shimizu accept her grand prize award from the Princess.

Kieko Shimizu


Kieko Shimizu, A Girl in the forest

Kieko Shimizu, A Girl in the forest

However, I did miss out on my apple pie, coffee and chocolates because I had to go present my collection of paintings to the Princess- it's ok, I can have pie anytime 😉



After the splendid Gala Dinner under the theme "Enchanting Night of Exquisite Art", presided over by H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn - the invited international guest artists presented gifts to Her Royal Highness.  The presentation of our guest artist works to the Princess and their our other works was an amazing experience, which I have written about here.


A big thanks to Marie

Thankfully Marie (my wonderful assistant and dear friend who travelled with me for this event, read more about how we met here) brought me a little token from the gala dinner event- a porcelain elephant (previos photo), which now sits in my studio, among some of the other beautiful gift I received from my friends in keeps the energy alive in my creative space!  I received some beautiful silk scarves and fabrics too, I can't wait to sew something for my daughter and myself (probably a decorative item for my studio)- the colours were beautiful.




What else did I do in Thailand?

Lots!! While there were lots of events and I had other meetings during the convention, we went around to floating markets, temples, a bit of shopping with a dear friend- we bought some sweet things my kids, and other places to get inspired.  Here are some pics of other things we did in Thailand during this time...





I have had an amazing time with these two wonderful women who are looking after me with great patience...and lots of laughs xxx

10986881_733248240122346_2858883381853838387_n 11034230_733247736789063_4614670286280101398_n

Modern inspirations at the shopping, just inspiration- big thanks to my darling friend who knows what the soul needs.






Ceramic/porcelain tiles on this jacket!!!





Artist Visit with Professor Viboon Leesuwan

One of the other highlights of this trip was visiting an artist's studio.  I was privileged to visit the studio of Professor Viboon Leesuwan, whom I met during the meet and greet of judges for the TIPP exhibition.  He is an artist and collector of traditional Thai folk art and crafts, and is a prolific writer about his collections; and was very generous with his time and hospitality during our visit.



IMG_9193 IMG_9194


What a beautiful environment to create in...


Some of Viboon's works
IMG_9202 IMG_9203


It was an absolute delight to see these traditional baskets, textiles and other works throughout his home.  It was clear to see Prof. Leesuwan's enthusiasm for and pleasure in collecting these beautiful creations, and in sharing the knowledge and understandings of their applications to modern art- which is important for my work as an artist too.  In Prof. Leesuwan's personal art work, the connections of Thai folk art are clearly seen and expressed, breathing new life and knowledge into Thai culture, soul and aesthetics.

For me, having the opportunity to see these art works and talk with Prof. Leesuwan, and experience the beautifully changing life force of the river and seeing the ancient temples still breathing life into the landscape of Ayutthaya was most influential upon me; this was a very inspiring visit, which I look forward to seeing how it will influence my own works.

I absolutely love Thailand, and attending the TIPP inspires me in so many ways, and I look forward to the art works I will create in the next few months.  I always feel a great sense of mental freedom and soul awakening's like a big space opens inside and fills with light; I can't express it in any other way, than when I start painting.   Maybe I've found my third home? 😉


If you are interested in more details about my new lustre book, please contact me here, more details will be shared shortly.



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Other paintings exhibited at the TIPP 2015 event:

The Nature of Spring

Roses flowering in abundance of our Truth

Learn Ingrid's lustre painting techniques online, click here


If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments here or the facebook box below, I'd love to hear back from you!

Thanks very much for the permission to use some photos from this event by Robert Jaermann.

Lastly, please share this post 🙂

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