Change of plans...I was going to do one large rose, as shown in the photo in this morning's post...but now that I've had time to think about the techniques and application I was going to do on the single large rose. I think that the design and styling will be contrived and not 'alive.'  So, I have decided to create a series of 4 plates which incorporate a rambling spray of roses in lustres on porcelain, from photos of my beautiful roses from my garden which I photographed this year.  I have decided to make the plate 'full' and bountiful, reflecting the heavy rococo design work of much of the interiors which I observed in Catherine's Palace.  Still maintaining a modern and contemporary style with the use of lustres and brighter colours, than classic porcelain design.

Clearly the light captured in the photos of my roses is in Australian light, and this is the only light and colour I work by, so it will be an interesting interpretation.  To capture a more alive feel to the artwork, I have chosen to stick to the impressions of the roses, rather than a realistic study, but still trying to capture as much 'light' to the work.  I have been planning in my head all day the blending possibilities...let's see how things go!  The less control over the outcome of lustres- the better they work.


Getting inspired for pink to stop dancing in my studio with Beyonce, back to painting....I want those pink boots 😉


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