Just a quick post to show you what I'll be teaching in my masterclasses for ribbon embroidery in St Petersburg, Russia.  I will be teaching at Maria Shiliner's beautiful boutique Needlework DeLuxe in St Petersburg.   It is wonderful to share and show my art as a guest artist, and is a wonderful stepping stone for my work here in Australia.

The first course is of roses and forget-me-nots, inspired by the rococo artwork I visited at Catherine's Palace when I went to Russia last October.  The roses are almost life size, the whole design is 22 cm x 32cm.  Each flower is hand built with dyed silk ribbons, and the leaves are ribbon stitched onto a lovely blue damask fabric- I fell in love with the Blue Room at Catherine's palace (here is the video I made)

This is the other course- I've just used my promo flyer I designed the other day.....You might remember this piece from earlier posts, again hand built roses and pansies with silk ribbons..the original art work was sold at Christmas.

I'm looking forward to teaching these projects and seeing Maria and all of her beautiful ribbons, and especially meeting more people who are passionate about ribbon embroidery and sharing ideas!

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  1. shakeela
    May 25, 2012 -

    your works r very beautifull, i like it very much,i want to lern how can i

  2. satanay
    April 12, 2012 -

    your work verey butiful

    • April 13, 2012 -

      Thanks for your comments!!! I'm glad you like my work :) Have a wonderful day

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