I don't usually make functional art, but I felt like a change, and decided to make a vintage style handbag with silk ribbon roses...mainly because I loved the colours in this piece, and sometimes it's good to have a change.  It's not finished yet....and YES I will use it!  My favourite part was doing a modern slant on a vintage design through the shot satin green and pink ribbons, and the constrasting colour of pastel blues to the overall design, with blue silk ribbon rose buds, blue glass beads and the gorgeous blue mother of pearl buttons- I'm a sucker for bright shiny objects...I just had to include these 😉

Silk Ribbon roses on vintage handbag

Silk Ribbon roses on vintage handbag


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    • August 9, 2011 -

      Thanks a lot for visiting my blog Halina! Roses are my favourite....

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